1980s Hairstyles for Men: Big Hair and Rock Stars

A picture of 1980s big hair hairstyles for men

What do guys like Nikki Sixx, David Coverdale, Joey Tempest, Jon Bon Jovi, Paul Stanley and Slash have all in common? They had big hair and crazy hairstyles, plus an army of groupies ready to throw themselves at them. Read ahead to get see for yourself what kind of hairstyles made you “cool” back...

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14 Mens Hairstyles and Haircuts You Should Not Try

A guy with an epic mustache hairstyle

While there is a wide range of hairstyles for men, there are some men’s hairstyles and haircuts that you should not be trying. Get some mane inspiration below for exactly what you should NOT be doing to the stuff atop your head! Got a hair clipper at home? Good, then don’t try these men’s...

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Cool Cornrows Hairstyle of Lenny Kravitz

The cool long cornrows hairstyle of Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz and some cornrows: too cool for school So I was browsing around the internet as per my usual and I came across a picture of Lenny Kravitz’s curly hair styled in a cornrows hairstyle. Now, if you backtrack my articles here at Manly Curls, you are bound to find some where I...

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Curly Hair Men Talk – Fabio from Atlanta

A black male with long curly hair

Allow me to introduce to you Fabio, our newly-featured Manly Curls dude in our Curly Hair Men Talk section. Fabio has great long curly hair that both inspires us and proves to us all that curly men can rock long curls! An interview with Fabio, a curly haired dude with long hair I got...

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Guide on Men Hair Types: An Epic Blueprint for Dudes Without a Clue About Their Hair

Adrian grenier with his wavy hair in a messy hairstyle

Gentlemen (and ladies, if there are any of you around), I have just published a huge guide on men hair types so that you can put your mane into an actual hair type and base your choice of hairstyles and hair products around such hair type. This hair type guide that I created is...

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Brush Up Hairstyle: Epic Style Guide with Instructions

The Brush Up hairstyle of Zayn Malik

The Brush Up hairstyle is a hair style made popular by guys like Zayn Malik and Justin Bieber. Learn in this epic Brush Up guide by Rogelio how to do the hairstyle and what hair products to pick! Full Guide to the Brush Up hairstyle: A One Trendy Mens Hair Style The Brush Up...

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