Hairy Leg Stockings for Women – A New Fashion Trend?

A set of hairy leg stockings rsembling the leg hair of men.

Or how leg stockings with hair may very well become the new fashion trend of summer 2014 It certainly is a fact that the vast majority of men look forward to summer because that’s the time of the year when women wear their least amount of clothing. Short pants and jeans, sleeveless shirts, open...

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Wet Hair Look Style For Men – How To Do It

A male with a wet curly hairstyle.

The wet hair look is a great men’s hairstyle option for those dudes who want to rock a new look with their hair. Learn in this guide all about the wet hair look, from what hair products to use to the exact styling instructions to use! The Epic Male Style Guide for Achieving a...

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Short Haircuts: That Feel When You Leave the Barbershop

Dat feel meme for short haircuts.

You know that feel when you leave the barbershop after a short haircut? I’d say that one of the disadvantages of having long hair as I do is not being able to go to the barbershop often to get a neat short haircut or not being able to regularly give myself a short clipped...

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One Cool Hair Care Tip Men Can Learn From Cats

Cat meme to depict an article on men's hair care and grooming tips.

Read this article to learn this cool hair care tip for men that Rogelio learned from his cat. It involves spreading an oily substance you secrete every day across your locks. Sounds gross? Then read below for an epic men’s hair tip! Using your own sebum for great hair: or how my cat and...

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3 Epic Men’s Hairstyles for 2014 You Must Try

Picture of Leonardo DiCaprio's hair in Gatsby

Learn in this guide all about the 3 epic men’s hairstyles for 2014 that will be rocking it wild and how you too can get your hair styled like a boss. Only at Manly Curls! 2014 men’s hairstyles and how 3 of them will have you reaching epic #LikeABoss status The year 2013 left...

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Justin Timberlake Hairstyles: Curly Hair Epicness

Justin Timberlake with curly hair and a Jewfro hairstyle when he was in the band 'N Sync

As of lately, Justin Timberlake’s hairstyles have been styled with straight hair when, in reality, Justin Timberlake has some of the funkiest curly hair around. Get ready to read Rogelio’s epic detective work exposing one of the harshest fashion-world realities: Justin Timberlake straightens his hair! Dear Justin Timberlake, bring back the curly hair If...

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