Manly Curls does Jordan!

Here we are. In the country best known for having been the set for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (at least a part of it). Acting as the hub between Europe and the Middle East, Jordan is a pretty damn awesome country. Been here for a few days already and have many more left, feeling Jordanian by the day and “Yala!”, which translates to something like “Come on!”, is my favourite expression already.

It is Ramadan right now so I am getting the full experience. I have experienced Ramadan already in other Arab countries but as I expected, Jordanians give it their own flavour and distinction. Enjoying it to the max. Despite I am keeping myself very busy visiting places, coming to Manly Curls to report back is something that I will always find time for, regardless.

And here, ladies and gentlemen, is the money shot.



All the best,


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