The Curly Hair of George Clooney and his epic Hairstyles

George Clooney is a curly male celebrity with great hair. He has always styled his waves with manly hairstyles that serve as inspiration to many men and as eye candy to many women. Read ahead for the hairstyles George Clooney’s has used on his curly mane!


George Clooney is the dude with the curls. While he became popular at an age where most actors are well on their way to stardom, Mr. Clooney has never let us men with curly hair down. George Clooney is a popular actor aged 50 (6 May 1961) who has Type I curly hair (aka wavy) and an affinity for short length curly hairstyles. He has sported his curly mane with different hairstyles that emphasize a classic manly look, namely the Caesar Cut hairstyle, the Side Swept hairstyle and the Natural Layered hairstyle.


A young George Clooney with short curly hair

Ok, it was the 80s, yes, but George Clooney was already sporting a diesel wavy mane in his youth with that mullet!


George Clooney and the Caesar Cut hairstyle

George Clooney is the epic representation of what the Caesar Cut hairstyle is, there is no debating that. He sported it throughout most of the TV show ER and he rocked this hairstyle like a king in From Dusk Till Dawn. The Caesar Cut hairstyle involves styling the curly hair forward and leaving a short fringe on the forehead. Modelled after the Italian emperor Julius Caesar, this hairstyle turns on women like no other, simply because it gives the wearer of this hairstyle a Clooney-esque and ER doctor allure both at the same time. Seriously, it’s a win-win hairstyle. All you have to do now is twitch your neck constantly and make facial expressions when people talk to you, as The Cloonz loves to do, and people will stop you for autographs when you venture outside of your house.


George Clooney with the classic Caesar Cut hairstyle for curly hair

The Caesar Cut hairstyle in its maximum splendour 


George Clooney and The Side Swept hairstyle

When not rocking the Caesar Cut hairstyle, George Clooney wears his curls to the side with the Side Swept hairstyle, after all, Mr. Clooney is a classy and elegant man. A perfect hairstyle for when one needs to look conservative, the Side Swept has one parting and sweeping his hair to the side (well, duh?), preferably with a wide tooth comb for us curly haired dudes. George Clooney prefers to wear the Side Swept hairstyle off-screen and with suits, which really enhances his gentleman’s image.


George Clooney with the side parted hairstyle

The Side Parted hairstyle is a great styling option for men with curly hair


George Clooney and the Natural Layered hairstyle

George Clooney has sported this hairstyle in his younger years and because the man himself ages so well, the Natural Look with Layers removes many years off his face. Likewise, the man himself has stated that he uses no hair products whatsoever and that he really doesn’t do much to his hair. In fact, the Caesar Cut idea was not his but, rather, that of his stylist. With the Natural Layered hairstyle, George Clooney relies on his natural curls to do what they want, without trying to tame them, and in return he looks great. This hairstyle is best accomplished with medium length curls (Type I and II) at the top layering down to a low fade with scissors (no hair clippers are involved).


George Clooney has great curly hair for men

George Clooney with his natural curly hair

George Clooney knows how to rock the natural look!


Allright, and the last hairstyle of all. This one is not included in this list and is a hidden goodie I bring you guys: George Clooney with the Shoulder Length hairstyle!


George Clooney with Shoulder Length curly hair

Come on George, it’s not like you could hide this picture forever


George Clooney is the man with the mane. He always styles his Type I wavy curls with savoir faire and taking into account the classic and elegant look he wants to exude and is very well known for. Aside from the aforementioned shoulder length hair WTF moment, George Clooney’s curly hair has lived a very stylish and healthy career which is why he is today’s inspirational mane man for us curly haired men!

All the best.


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  1. Not George Clooney
    April 17, 2012 at 4:58 pm

    Ever since I saw Clooney in ER, I have always sported a caesar cut. It’s a great hairstyle in my opinion, glad you have covered it here and in the other article.

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