The Curly Hair Book: Chapter 1 & Part VII

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This is Part VII of the first chapter of my book, The Curly Hair Book: Or How Men Can Now Rock Their Waves, Coils And Kinks. As many of y’all know, I’m posting the first chapter of my book here at Manly Curls so you can read it and see what my awesome mane message is all about and the point of my book. The Curly Hair Book soon became a bestseller and it’s garnering some pretty cool attention, and it goes without saying that I’m very proud of m’a book!

The curly hair book or how men can now rock their waves, coils and kinks

Click to read the previous Part VI of the book and if you really enjoy the book so far and, of course, Manly Curls, then buy The Curly Hair Book on Amazon in either the paperback version or the Kindle version.

Part VII starts below:

Why are awesome manes so uncommon?

Simply put, because of lack of information and inspiration. I will talk about this further in the book, but the reason behind the difficulty in finding curly men with awesome manes is that there is simply a lack of information and inspiration going around for us to retrieve.

Before I started my website, the curly dudes that came to me for advice all complained about the same:

I wish there was more information on how to care after my hair.”

I’d try to do something about my curly hair if only the hair care information that I read didn’t make me feel like I was part of the cast of Sex in the City.”

I wish I didn’t have to go to an expensive hair salon full of ladies with tin foil on their hair to be able to sport a good set of curls.”

I wish there were more men going around with great-looking curly hair so that I could become inspired.”

Is curly hair really that bad? I hardly see any curly men with good hair.”

What’s more is that as soon as I started my website and because I could now reach with my words to a larger worldwide audience, I would get dozens and dozens of emails per week of men who would thank me for finally creating an online space for curly men to visit and get the knowledge they much needed to finally do something about their hair.

It is only normal though. If you don’t have access to optimal information on curly hair, you just won’t do anything about your particular waves, coils or kinks. Since the vast majority of men with the same limited access to information as yourself are not going to do anything positive about their curls, then there will hardly be any inspiration going around when it comes to an awesome mane. It’s a vicious cycle, and it is one that I aim to break with this book.

To top the above, men are brainwashed to believe that it is only females who can have good hair. With us men, it seems as though hair mentality is still stuck in the early 20th century. Conventional notion says that men should tame their hair and anyone doing otherwise is labelled as “different” (that’s if they are lucky). Well, guess what? Going against conventional notion is not wrong, provided that it is done with self-belief, confidence and assertiveness. If it weren’t for those men who dared to be different, the aircraft industry would have never developed as rapidly as it did in the early 20th century as Orville and Wilbur Wright (aka the Wright brothers) would not have insisted in their pioneering desire to defy gravity. If it were because being different is bad or wrong, Sir Richard Branson would have never dared to rehash the music industry in the early ’70s and proceed to build the massive business empire he currently owns; I guess that if he had preferred to not be different, he’d still continue to happily trade in the same small record shop that he started in and would have left it at that.

Fact is, being oneself, thinking for oneself and sticking to one’s principles and beliefs is the way to go for a successful life and, of course, for an awesome mane.


The opposite of an awesome mane: dead rats and buzz cuts

Enter the “dead rat” concept.

The “dead rat” is the opposite of an awesome mane in terms of hair knowledge; you know the kind of hair that I am talking about. Like you, I have tried growing my locks over an inch in length, and I would always end up sporting what looked like a dead rat on top of my head. Thankfully, my dead rat would not last very long because I am lucky to have some stylish friends who would be able to tell me right away when my hair looked like a dead rat. Unfortunately, not all guys are lucky to have these same stylish friends or are as receptive to hair criticism as myself, hence one gets to see dead rats much more often than awesome manes when it comes to male curly hair. Thus, a dead rat is awful-looking hair that has been caused by its owner’s lack of specific hair knowledge.

Then, you have the “buzz cut” concept.

The “buzz cut” is the opposite of an awesome mane in terms of attitude. The buzz cut is the haircut of those curly haired men who force themselves to hit the barber every X amount of weeks to get a neat buzz cut or very short cut because they want to forget about their manes as they regard their hair in a negative manner. They don’t ignore and tame their manes because they inherently like a buzz cut (although some do); no, they get a buzz cut because they plainly dislike their hair as they don’t know what to do with it (remember my introductory story at the barber?). By all means, a buzz cut looks great in some men (especially for kinky haired men), but a buzz cut should be just another haircut/style option of the many possible for an awesome mane. I like to jokingly relate getting a buzz cut to self-castrating oneself because imposed buzz cuts represent the contrary of the manliness and self-confidence that an awesome mane exudes.

The world is full of dead rats and buzz cuts. Lack of information and lack of inspiration are behind all this curly hair negativity, so set the attitude to your hair straight (no pun intended), and fight those tempting dead rats and buzz cuts with an awesome mane!


An awesome mane is for men of all ages and background

Any men can have his awesome mane, it doesn’t matter where you come from or who you are. I have met plenty of men with awesome manes from diverse backgrounds, and, coincidentally yet expectedly, the traits that they all shared were that they were men of mental fortitude and were worthy of admiration.

Through my international travels, I have found that neither culture nor nationality are impediments to an awesome mane; nor is age nor is religion nor is race, for that matter. This book is intended for people like you and I, though I cannot know for certain who reads my words. I don’t know you, but one thing I do know is that you and I share the same interest in having an awesome mane, and I can tell you right now, in this precise moment, that you too can achieve and have your awesome mane and add another success to your life.

Lastly, having an awesome mane is independent of age. Sure, someone in his teens will differ in taste as to how he wants his awesome mane to look when compared to a curly fellow in his 50s. An awesome mane is not about hairstyles or about following trends; an awesome mane is about acknowledging and making the most of your curls, and that, my friend, has no boundaries.


Buy The Curly Hair Book on Amazon in either the paperback version or the Kindle version.

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