10 (good) Reasons to Read Manly Curls

Dog showing interest in curly hair men reading Manly Curls

1) Rogelio is a passionate writer and is constantly coming up with new content, as cool or crazy as it may be (crazy seems to make a good part of it though).

2) Manly Curls is all about no nonsense, no bullcrap talk and that’s how Rogelio likes it. You are ensured to read enjoyable, quality and thought-provoking content right from the start.

3) Curly Hair is not a hairstyle, it’s a lifestyle, and we proudly endorse that (it has been our slogan right from the very beginning!).

4) This is your starting place to better yourself. Even if you are not a man with curly hair, you can find inspiration, knowledge or have a laugh (or four). You want hair? You want to get in shape? You want fitness? You want lifestyle? You want women? This is your place.

5) You join a pioneering movement, no more reading through boring blogs that copy each other.

6) Rogelio too uses the online social tools and posts even more cool stuff through Facebook and Twitter. You can Like Us HERE or Follow Us HERE.

7) You can also subscribe to our weekly free newsletter on the top right and have all Manly Curls stuff, updates and goodies straight to your inbox once a week. No muss, no fuss. Your details are secure with us, we hate spam as much as you do and we don’t sell our readers to anyone.

8) By becoming a frequent reader, you get the chance to ask Rogelio for his expert advice on any topic that you need help.

9) Manly Curls readers are cool cats anyway.

10) It’s FREE !!!

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