Eight benefits of weight training for the curly haired man

Weight training is a wonderful way to improve your health. I have been an advocate of weight training (either as a leisure activity or in the form of weightlifting as a sport) for years and I have seen its positive impact on myself and those who followed my advice. I am not talking about spending half your life in the gym and consuming copious amounts of the latest trendy supplement. Instead, a solid weight training routine (like this one) will have you in the gym anywhere from 2 to 4 days and give you plenty of time left for your leisure time.

So, if you are not doing any form of weight training, start now and enjoy the following benefits:

1) Increased muscle mass as your body adapts to physical stress by adding more muscle.

2) Increased strength since you force the body to use its developed neuronal pathways more efficient.

3) Stronger tendons and ligaments which highly decrease your risk of injuring yourself from doing day-to-day activities (ahem, acrobatic sex positions, ahem).

4) Denser bones and reversing the loss of bone material associated with age, hence decreasing the chances of fracturing bones which is highly relevant to people in old age (and women too).

5) Improved hormonal and metabolic profile for a strong association exists between sensible weight training and a reduced risk of developing Type II Diabetes and obesity.

6) Reduction of fat mass and better use of the three donuts you had for lunch. Muscle burns a lot of calories at rest so more muscle mass means you can get away eating more crap without putting on weight.

7) Weight training provides a venue to release your accumulated mental stress. Lifting weights actually releases endorphins (the body’s own morphine) which is why you feel good after moving some iron.

8) Increased mental toughness. We could all do with some more of this and proper weight training delivers this in vast quantities. No, I am not talking about doing bicep curls in your Armani T-shirt and upscale shorts while sipping an Evian bottle, that develops the same mental strength as attending a female’s only book club (romantic novels, to be precise). Squat, pick heavy stuff off the floor, press some iron away from your body. If you are lifting amounts that mere mortals would consider obscene, then you know nothing can get in your way because to get there, you would have had to stick throughout to the manly traits of determination, courage and strength. That, or enrol the Marines.

Start weight training now and you will be on you way to a better and healthier you.

All the best,



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