David Bisbal – Grooving those curls to the sound of latin music

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So, I have received quite a few emails this week with a wide range of questions to do with curly hair for men. I enjoy reading your emails and corresponding but one of the most repeated questions has been “who is that curly hair man on the pic for your Ask Rogelio post?”, a question which has been asked by majority by our curly female followers. While you ladies did take the time to do the whole congratulating me for the website and all that (as the guys did too), you were quick to ask about our curly latin pin-up. By all means, I did get some questions by the curly men readers and more in the line of asking how to grow curly hair but I just could not resist giving “him” some free publicity (doubt he needs it though).

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you David Bisbal, a Spanish singer who rose to fame in the same fashion as our recently illustrated curly Justin Guarini. As a matter of fact, the physical similarities between the two are striking and if you dig a bit into their career background, you will find that they both share the same upbringing into the pop music scene. Bisbal, like Guarini, went from nothing to popstar status in the year 2002 and on a music show similar to American Idol. From there ownards, Bisbal progressed rapidly, astonishing Spanish critics and living up to the expectations placed upon him. He went on to win several prizes and awards such as a Latin Grammy only a year after having finished the show which catapulted him to fame.

Two curly hair men side by side

Long-lost brothers?


He has trademarked several moves as he is quite energetic during his performances. Expect to see Elvis hip swings, aerial Chuck Norris-type kicks, rapid moving Goldielocks curls and female underwear flying all over the stage as groupies drool over him. Bisbal went big in the year 2004, seeing how the Latin American region provided a huge market of Spanish speakers (Latin America has aprox. 500 million people as opposed to the mere 46 million of his native Spain). He started emulating the styles of the most popular Latin American singers such as Ricky Martin and Marc Anthony. Eventually, he also broke into the US and with much success, as the US Spanish-speaking population identified with the fast pace and danceable grooves of his songs.

Bisbal is widely known for his curls (or rizos, as is the Spanish equivalent) and he has sported several curl lengths and hair styles for his Type III curly hair.


A man with short curly hair

Short length curls with clipped sides and back emulating a long high and tight hairstyle


A man with medium curly hair hairstyle

Medium length curls will look good even styled somewhat shaggy


Woman pulling the curly hair of a man

Long length curls will have pretty women throwing themselves at you to touch your hair

Man with curly long hair as a hairstyle

Careful, only grow to this length if you know you can pull it off


Bisbal has obviously acknowledged his curls and made the most of them, just as we aspire and promote at Manly Curls. His curls have always being a part of his image and music critics have, at times, questioned how far he would have gone if it wasn’t for his “latin lover” image and those vigorous curls. Hence, I am posting our fellow curl head in our Inspirational section, so that some of you, fellow curly hair men, may be inspired and see how curly hair has more hairstyle options than the mere buzz cut.

I am going to leave you now with some of his videoclips. If you browse on Youtube you will find plenty of his repertoire but the following three clips pretty much represent his music style.

David Bisbal – Buleria

David Bisbal – Ave Maria

David Bisbal – Como olvidar

All the best,


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1 comment for “David Bisbal – Grooving those curls to the sound of latin music

  1. John
    December 7, 2013 at 8:48 pm

    Hi Rodelio,

    I read a question by one the readers asking you about their side hair puffing out and not hanging down like David Bisbal’s and you responded by saying it has to grow up to five inches non extended. My hair is medium length so that stretched out it reaches about 5 in. I also have a mixture of type 3 and type 4 hair. My hair tends to stick out (not really puff)around the back of my ear and the back of my top head also tends to stick out (my mom constantly reminds me). She wants me to cut my hair but I want to let it grow. Any advice on what to do? Any hairstyles that would help?

    Thanks in advance. Your site is the only one that actually helps people understand hair. All the other curly sites aren’t at all helpful.

    Thanks again,

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