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Dear Rogelio,

I love your website so far and I look forward to the new stuff that you write. While I still have to come to fully “embrace my curls”, I am on my way and I have found my girlfriend and friends to be fully supportive about my decision. My issue is that I have medium length hair, according to your curl ID (thanks by the way, very useful) and I live close to the coast so it is pretty windy here. Normally Id just allow my hair to flow or wear a cap but I would like to know what is your opinion on this.

Thanks man!

Andrew (Devon, UK)


Dear Andrew,

Thanks for the email and your kind words. I am glad things are working your way, you will be surprised at the amount of support you will encounter from your close circle so keep at it! Your enquiry is very interesting because wind is just one of those outside variables for which one has to be prepared for yet cannot avoid. I have lived in coastal areas and know very well the impact of wind on curly hair.

Wind is a bad boy when it comes to your curls. Not only does wind mess your hairstyle or look but it also tangles curls like there is no tomorrow. A few minutes outside with wind is enough to start tangling hair so what you should be doing is precisely using measures to avoid tangling. In this case you can:

1) Use some conditioner or leave-in conditioner to coat your curls when wet. You can do this after showering or wet your curls before leaving, then apply either of the two products. Alternatively, you can use coconut butter to coat your curls (only use a pea-sized amount to start with). The goal is to cover the curls lightly so as to provide enough lubrication. Lubrication provides slip which avoids the curls tangling.

2) Tie your hair in a tight ponytail if you have more than medium length. With medium length curls (6 inches or more), you may not be able to do a ponytail with all your hair so you can instead tie the curls on top of the head and do the same for the curls on the back thus having two ponytails. Instead of letting the ponytail loose, you could tighten it in a bun, which would be more discrete. This measure is a bit extreme but is the alternative to wearing a cap.

These measures are preventive and are worth the effort considering how long it takes to untangle curls.

All the best.


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