Marco Simoncelli – Sad news from a curly dude (RIP)

Wow, I am not much of a motorsport fan but I feel compelled to write about these sad news. Marco Simoncelli, a popular Italian MotoGP rider, died this evening in the circuit of Sepang after he suffered an accident during the Malaysian MotoGP Grand Prix. The 24 year old fell off his bike while doing a corner and was run over by two other riders (Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi). The impact was so strong that his helmet flew off and he laid unconcious in the middle of the track. I will not post the video of his accident in my blog out of respect for his family but you can find it on Youtube.

I was planning to write about Marco Simoncelli in the near future in our Inspirational section so I was shocked to hear these news. His curls had gotten my attention some time ago and motivated me to consider writing about him (which I was going to do soon, I even contacted his personal website). With some pretty cool Type II curls styled in a Jim Morrison manner, Marco made his hair a part of his personality and character, and because we dig that sort of stuff here at Manly Curls, he deserves to be here in our Inspirational section.

Riposa in pace, Marco




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1 comment for “Marco Simoncelli – Sad news from a curly dude (RIP)

  1. Biker dude
    November 10, 2011 at 9:45 pm

    Thanks for reporting this on your blog. A big loss to the motor racing world.

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