Troy Polamalu – An inspiring manly mane of curls

I like watching American Football. Sure, I am not a devout fan and I don’t know many of the rules, but I like the fast and aggresive nature of this sport. Having played rugby myself as a teenager, I sort of relate to this sport and know fairly well the feeling of seeing your opponent and knowing you are about to make contact (and knock him to the floor while you keep going forward). Now, in my older years, I have been approached a few times in the gym to join amateur rubgy/football teams after I have been seen doing heavy power cleans and presses. Unfortunately, all they have been able to offer me for joining their team is beer, no young cheerleaders or local fame, so I always decline the offers. I beat myself up with my weightlifting training already and have some tight personal life so I am simply not attracted to training with some out of shape lads pretending to be sport stars. Of course, I am talking tongue in cheek for I am not that strong anyway and if you buy me beer and promise me there will be some MILFs watching the game, I will very likely join.

As usual in my articles, I go in tangents from the center point of what is to be talked. Having already introduced my interest in American Football, I would like to talk about this dude who caught my attention the other day as I was watching the game. Sporting a manly mane of curls enough to intimidate a lion himself, Troy Polamalu is today’s inspirational guy.




Troy plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers as a strong safety and is of Samoan decent (though of US nationality). He is known for a hard-hitting style on the gridiron and is very easy to spot on the field as his curls are very long, bouncing all over as his hair is too big to fit in the helmet. His curls are a great example of Type IV curls and it is not that often that we get to see this curl shape in long length.


If I had this guy as my opponent, I’d make sure he first saw my curls without a helmet. Maybe he would not annihilate me if he knew we both share the same Manly Curls grooming techniques!



Troy has made his curls part of his unique identity and this is what we dig at Manly Curls. The guy wears his curls with pride and even endorses the Head & Shoulders shampoo, being portrayed in ads and thus representing us curly dudes in the social spectrum. What is even more, is that the guy is a true gentleman and is the best ambassador that we could have for us guys with curls. Despite his aggressive style on the field, Troy is known for his cool and gentleman style off the field, and is also a devout family man with solid values, which is very rare for a football player earning millions and having all sort of vices available to him. He has taken the time to finish his graduate education and has many hobbies, including, check this, growing flowers and playing the piano. Here is a man who is not put off by stereotypes and following conventional pseudo-macho notions; he represents real masculinity as he chooses to be himself and shape his identity to what he considers is right, including his curls. In an era of pseudo-alpha guys with the same haircuts and wearing the same Banana Republic clothes, it is refreshing to be able to relate to a guy who represents what being a man is all about. The fact that he makes his curls part of what he is as a man is even more awesome and, hence, Troy Polamalu deserves a place in our Inspirational section.

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  1. MOKA T
    October 31, 2011 at 12:05 am


  2. ALEX
    October 14, 2011 at 10:41 am

    After reading your article I am considering growing my curls as long as Troy’s LOL

    I’ve read the guy has been growing his curls for years, something like the 8-9 years. Quite a time investment I reckon.

  3. Anonymous
    October 9, 2011 at 11:49 am

    Nice read.

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