The Ivy League Curly Hairstyle for Men with Matthew Morrison!

Known primarily for his role as Will Schuester in Glee, Matthew Morrison is a popular curly man, and at Manly Curls we know why: the dude goes out of his way to have a super cool set of curly hair with an Ivy League curly hairstyle and shows that a classic look can be synonymous with curly hair in men (not only modern looks, such as the Metro Mullet or the Faux Hawk hairstyle, are specific to curly hair!)


Matthew Morrison with an ivy league curly hairstyle

Matthew Morrison knows how to style his curly head


Matthew Morrison with a curly hairstyle in Glee

Matthew Morrison has women drooling over his suiting classic look, which he enhances with his curly hair



It really begs the question whether those whose surname is Morrison are natural born cool cats or not. Like Jim Morrison and the Jim Morrison curly hairstyle, Matthew Morrison is one cool curly dude and is a perfect example of a guy with Type II curls having an splendid Ivy League type curly hairstyle.


Matthew Morrison with a classic Ivy League curly hairstyle

The hairstyle makes the curly man!


The Ivy League hairstyle is accomplished with a faded haircut on the sides and back while the top is trimmed with scissors. A perfect curly hairstyle for business men and professionals working in conservative settings, the Ivy League hairstyle requires a low maintenance approach since all is needed is 2-3 minutes in the morning to part the curls to the side, which is very convenient for busy professional curly men as it also goes well with both business and casual wear. It is a classic hairstyle for those curly haired men with short hair length (one to two inches) because it discreetly allows for curly hair to show some of its curly shape while not being a too “in your face” type of style like, for example, the High and Tight hairstyle would be. Moreover, the Ivy league hairstyle stands the test of time, suiting any men of all ages as Matthew Morrison shows below!


Matthew Morrison with a curly Ivy league hairstyle during his youth

Even in high school, our Glee co-star still sported the same Ivy League style, it really is that versatile as a curly hairstyle for men!


Matthew Morrison with a curly hairstyle

20+ years with the same curly haircut and Matthew Morrison is still kicking it!


Matthew Morrison is the perfect TV reference for those curly men with short Type II curls that are looking to get some inspiration from a popular curly male celebrity. Matthew defines coolness and elegance with an Ivy League hairstyle and proudly makes his curly hair a part of his identity with a customized hairstyle that enhances his image. As usual, Manly Curls brings you the best in curly hairstyles and inspiration, and we truly give our curly stylish gentleman, Matthew Morrison, our seal of curly hair approval!

Bravo, Mr. Morrison.

All the best.


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1 comment for “The Ivy League Curly Hairstyle for Men with Matthew Morrison!

  1. Anthony
    August 5, 2013 at 10:30 pm


    First let me start by saying what a great blog you have and that i have learned a lot from your posts. I would say my hair type is on the lower end of type III maybe even type II (closest resemblance is maybe Cristiano Ronaldo) but im at a crossroads currently as to how i should style it. I know my hair type may not fit the style but i would like it to be like Matt Bomers. If you can point me in the right direction as to a similar hairstyle i can do that would be great.

    Thanks Again,

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