On resolutions and the year that has gone by – Manly Curls welcomes 2012!

Today is the second day of 2012. Many of you made your resolutions already on the eve of the 31st with the intention of having an even better year than 2011. Quite a few of you have also read my advice on ensuring how to stick with our resolutions. 2012 could not start with better intentions, at least for my readers.

In my case, instead of going about with making resolutions, I like to think about the year that is about to finish. By all means, I make resolutions but I don’t stick to the specific date of the 31st December, rather, resolutions for me are part of an on-going process that is constantly being re-evaluated and I decide when and where I go ahead with a plan. This just-gone year has been a year of change for me. You guys know about my body transformation, how I changed my life around for the better as months before realizing my resolution I laid ill on a bed. Likewise, my blog, Manly Curls, was born and one of the ideas behind Manly Curls was to serve as inspiration for those wanting to make themselves better, in any areas of their life, hair included!

As I write these words, I am sitting on a plane going back home. I spent Christmas in Tenerife, one of the best destinations worldwide that I could have chosen for this festivity. The island is beautiful, weather is one of the best I have experienced anywhere and people are genuinely nice. Would come again, no doubts. The year 2012 really does come charged with plenty of plans and actions. Concerning Manly Curls, the time that has spanned since I started the blog has been a time to toy around with the blogosphere, learning many things along the way and truly realizing what having a voice on the Internet means and entails. When I decided to start Manly Curls, I decided to be different, to not be “just another blog”. Is it working? Only time will tell but I think I am on the right direction.

2011 was a year for worldwide social change too. As soon as I left the Middle East after having lived there for some time, their time for social change and fairness broke out. It was only, really, a matter of time. I have seen many things in the Middle East that required a cry for attention and actions to be taken, so I am glad that region of the world has at least started to demand fairness and equality. Not only did the Middle East require change; the world in its whole length was trying to recover from the consequences of the dirty hands of a few and many who acted unfairly and with greed are now paying for their actions. Quite a few are left to be punished and time still remains for the world to get over this, but at least we can learn a few things.


The online social movement was key in the success of the Arab Spring


Overall, 2011 has been a year for introspection. A year to assess as a year of change and improvement. 2012 has just started and as we wake up from our New Year eve’s frenzies and excesses, we can now start acting according to our set objectives. It doesn’t matter whether those objectives were set on the eve of the 31st after a drink or four or after a long and insightful thinking time or if they were decided on the spot. What is sure is that the journey continues and that the only difference between the eve of the 31st and today is that the year date in our calendar has one added number.

Let’s continue working towards our goals, fellas.

All the best,


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