8 Alternative Tips and Ideas for Valentine’s Day to rock your lady!

Rogelio brings you 8 great tips and ideas for Valentine’s Day that will have your lady melted in your arms and make you look like a stud. In a day and age where most men are predictable, Rogelio gives you his approach to differentiating yourself with your acts and not just your curly mane!

Valentine’s Day. Mere commercial cra…I mean, what a lovely day to pamper your loved one.

You guys know me by now, I despise going with the “flow” and “mainstream”. Heck, I don’t even make New Year’s resolutions. Of course, I know that many of my readers may think otherwise so I decided to bring you guys my¬†8 alternative, yet effective, tips and ideas to make your Valentine’s Day a day to remember. Mind you, just because I don’t like to go with the commercial crowd, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have to succumb to commercially pleasing my lady; I have to skip my principles for the day and make the day special for her, otherwise I get to sleep on the couch, that simple. Thus, fellow Manly Curls men, read ahead for my own alternative way to be different for Valentine’s day yet still get to tickle her fancy!


A tip for Valentine Day is an egg shaped as a heart

Valentine Day is a day to be a commercial sellout, a romantic one at that though


1) Say I love you

Well done, Rogelio, that was a brainer. No, seriously. Say I love you. Say it with your heart. But say it the day before. Wake up on the 13th and tell her “I love you”. Then, of course, say it the morning of the 14th.


2) Cook her a heart-shaped egg

The way to win a man is via his stomach, but it is the same for a woman too. However, with a woman it is not quantity but quality. Buy a cooking mold for fried eggs shaped in a heart (don’t be lazy and go to a big mall, they have them over) and cook her the egg with a sunny yolk (don’t over fry it!). For extra points, write “I love you” with ketchup around the egg. You will be surprised how such a simple thing works.


3) Write her a letter

Men have feelings, especially men with curly hair. Write her a sincere letter in which you explain what you feel for her (read: how awesome she is). Put it on top of the basin in the bathroom, inside an envelope. Don’t tell her anything. After you have brought her the heart-shaped egg, she will go to the bathroom to prep herself for the awesome sex you’re about to get, and she will not be expecting a love letter in such a random place. Women love suprises, and a happy woman means great sex, so heed the advice.


4) Take her to a solitary place

Don’t be like the rest of the dudes and take her to cheesy places such as a nice restaurant or an ice skating ring. Everyone will be doing that on Valentine’s Day: you are at Manly Curls to differentiate yourself with your curly mane as well as your personality so don’t fall for mainstream. Instead of having the same personality as a fried fish finger, take her out to some remote location (preferably rural or a lonely beach) where no sounds or other stuff can distract you from communicating to each other. If you are both working that day, either take the day off or try to leave work on time to be able to take her out.


5) Communicate with her

A wise man once told me: “communication gains trust and trust gains respect“. He could not be any more right.

Curly dude, communicate with her. Of course, communication needs two people and you have two ears and a mouth. Do the maths and get in your head that you need to listen to her, even if she is moaning about some stuff that is just “too girly”. If she says that you don’t talk to her whenever she is having menstrual cramps, don’t think of it as “whatever”. She is trying to communicate to you so don’t build a wall between you and her.


6) Involve her single girlfriends

Women love to be the center of attention during Valentine’s day. Call her single girlfriends and plan things with them. You will be surprised at how her single girlfriends will co-operate with you; women love all that romantic stuff where the man moves the world to surprise her and, if a woman cannot have a man doing that for her, she will help another woman just for the pleasure of seeing something specially romantic. Make sure it is something unexpected, avoid the whole sending her flowers to the office (don’t be another one of those predictable guys please).


7) Get ready to rock her in the bedroom

You have to be at your utmost potential on the 14th to give, and have, great sex.

– Avoid excessive smoking throughout the day if you smoke.

– Avoid any heavy exercising but feel free to go for a brisk walk to oxygenate the muscles.

– Take 60mgs of zinc the night before. Eat red meat if you can too.

– Avoid any non-prescription stuff advertised to give you a rock hard erection, most of them are rubbish and some dangerous too.

– Go easy with the alcohol: up to two wines of glass prior to sex; more and you will shoot down your bedroom performance.

– If she drinks, a glass of wine will help grease the groove (read, get her hornier). Again, don’t have her drinking the bottle.


8) Cuddle her

After the sex and regardless of when it is. Be that passionate guy who gives her great sex but also takes care of her and makes her feel safe. Hug her with your arms, tell her you love her and reload for another sex session. Repeat ad nauseum or until you pass out.


There, follow my alternative tips and ideas for Valentine Day and show her how much you love her. Even better, use these tips and ideas on the remaining 364 days of the year and thou shall then become the man of her dreams!

All the best.


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