5 Actors with great Curly Hair and Hairstyles!

The following men are popular actors with inspiring great curly hair and manes: George Clooney, Adrian Grenier, John Turturro, Corbin Bleu and Will Smith.


The definition of elegance and savoir-faire. George Clooney has great Type I curly hair (wavy) and despite his age, shows no sign of balding and still has a great mane!

George Clooney with his wavy hair

George Clooney with a wavy hairstyle for men



The man with the lion wavy mane. Adrian Grenier’s hair is textbook Type II curly hair and he makes men jealous with his waves while woman drool over his mane. An all-round Manly Curls dude!

Adrian Grenier and his curly hair

Adrian Grenier with a Jim Morrison hairstyle for his curls



Not as popular as George Clooney or Adrian Grenier (or as good looking, for that matter), but John Turturro has short length curly hair that does him very well. Another man over the age of 40 still with kicking about with a great mane of Type III curly hair and showing no signs of Male Pattern Baldness. Way to go John Turturro!

John Turturro with curly hair

John Tuturro is an actor with a manly mane and curly hairstyle



Corbin Bleu is another actor/celebrity to be added to the lion mane’s basket. In this case, Corbin Bleu has an splendid set of Type IV curly hair which he proudly goes around with. Certainly an inspiring curly mane!

Corbin Bleu with a curly hairstyle for his kinky hair

Corbin Bleu with his curly hairstyle for black men



The man of the Fade hairstyle. Will Smith has sported a fade haircut for most of his career and not experimented much with other curly haircuts nor hairstyles. Still, he sports great Type V curly hair which, considering he is not a young gun anymore, is highly impressive!

Will Smith has a curly mane with thick hair

Will Smith is a celebrity with a curly mane


Get inspiring Manly Curls style with these 5 actors with great curly hair, fellow mane men!

All the best.


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