Cristiano Ronaldo and his Medium Length Curly Hairstyles!

Cristiano Ronaldo is a curly hair icon, that, we know. His curls bounce up and down on the soccer field as millions of curly men and non-curly men watch him on TV playing his great skills on the soccer field. Ronaldo’s curly hairstyles are the center of attention both on and off the pitch and today I bring you his medium length curly hairstyles.

Previously, I wrote on Ronaldo’s short curly hairstyles, namely the Metro Mulet, the Faux Hawk, the High and Tight and the Caesar Cut hairstyle. What is to follow are those curly styles that he has used when his hair was at medium length and which he has worn during his career at soccer teams Manchester United and Real Madrid. Coincidentally, this February 5th 2012 is, in fact, Cristiano Ronaldo’s birthday (he is turning 27) and since I have written about him before, what other better way to wish him a happy birthday than showing the world what cool hairstyles he has had! So without further ado, here are Cristiano Ronaldo’s medium length curly hairstyles: the Ivy League, the Side Swept, the curly bangs, the Mohawk and the Shaggy curly hairstyle.


Cristiano Ronaldo’s curly Ivy League hairstyle

I wrote an article recently on the Ivy League hairstyle with Matthew Morrison of Glee, but Cristiano Ronaldo has also played the classic look and has sported an Ivy League hairstyle for his tight Type III curls. He especially had this hairstyle when his soccer career was taking off at Manchester United and Portugal’s national soccer team.


Cristiano Ronaldo with a curly Ivy League hairstyle

Ronaldo then didn’t have as much affection for tanning booths and fake tan as he does now!


Cristiano Ronaldo’s Side Swept curly hairstyle

The Side Swept hairstyle is a step up from the Ivy League in terms of a less conservative look. Still classy and elegant, it can be gelled back or styled with the fingers and a bit of leave-in conditioner. Cristiano Ronaldo sure bangs it with this hairstyle as he side sweeps his curly hair with style and functionality on the soccer field.


Cristiano Ronaldo with his curly hair parted to the side

The Side Swept hairstyle looks great when the curls are gelled as Cristiano Ronaldo illustrates


Cristiano Ronaldo with his curly hair and bangs

The curly hair of Cristiano Ronaldo looks great as the Side Swept hairstyle yields a versatile look


Cristiano Ronaldo curly bangs hairstyle

Ronaldo has also grown some bangs to complement an Ivy League hairstyle (which defeats the classic look purpose of the latter!). He sported his curly hair with bangs when he was in his late teens and, as he has matured, he has opted for shorter hairstyles such as the Faux Hawk or the Metro Mullet. Cristano Ronaldo had his curly hair with bangs when his career at Manchester United took off and hasn’t got back to this hairstyle ever since.


Cristiano Ronaldo with his curly hair with bangs

He has also dyed his fringes blonde for a more “in your face” look

Cristiano Ronaldo wih his messy look and curly hair with fringes

Cristiano Ronaldo has also sported his curly hair with fringes in a messy experimental manner!


Cristiano Ronaldo’s curly Mohawk hairstyle

While Ronaldo is widely known for his Faux Hawk hairstyle, he has also worn the more extreme version of this style: the Mohawk. He did, however, wear this hairstyle for a brief period of time which coincided with his modelling for a popular fashion brand. His curly blonde bangs were straightened with a flatiron, which is regarded as a sin here at Manly Curls!


Cristiano Ronaldo with a curly faux hawk Mohawk curly hairstyle


Curly Cristiano Ronaldo with a hot girl and his faux Hawk type hairstyle

As usual, Cristiano Ronaldo is surrounded by hot chicks, must be his curly hair!


Cristiano Ronaldo curly Shaggy hairstyle

He has also allowed for his curls to sit on top naturally and styled with a Shaggy hairstyle. Cristiano Ronaldo has used his fingers to style the top of his hair in a messy manner, thus accentuating his curly hair. The Shaggy hairstyle is great for informal occasions where you can show off your curly mane!


Cristiano Ronaldo and his messi curly hairstyle

The Shaggy hairstyle for curly hair is achieved with the fingers and a faded haircut on the sides of the head


Cristiano Ronaldo is a dude who has experienced plenty with his curls. Aside from maintaining a short length as he has done over the last few years, he has too grown his curly hair into the medium lengths to sport a great young-looking set of curls. Cristiano Ronaldo is thus a great example of what a man with curly hair can do with his curls and how a properly groomed hairstyle can enhance one’s curly hair and make one a proud curly haired male. Happy Birthday, Ronaldo!

All the best.


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