Cristiano Ronaldo and his Short Length Curly Hairstyles!

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of those curly men who doesn’t leave anyone unopinionated¬†about him. It could be his Type II curly hair, which he carries around proudly and changes hairstyles like he changes girlfriends, or it could be his cocky personality both inside and outside the field. Whatever it is, this curly man always sports short and medium length hairstyles that draw the attention of millions of men with curly hair from all over the world. I already talked about how he inspired the Manly Curls coined Metro Mullet hairstyle and how he is a men’s style icon worldwide, so today I want to talk about all the short length curly hairstyles Cristiano Ronaldo has sported throughout his soccer career: the Metro Mullet, the Faux Hawk, the High and Tight, and the Caesar Cut.


Cristiano Ronaldo with curly hair when he was young

Well, ok, he wasn’t playing soccer at this age but you can see here that Ronaldo’s curly hair had plenty of potential already

Cristiano Ronaldo’s curly METRO MULLET hairstyle

I have already written an article about the Metro Mullet, a curly hairstyle coined by myself at Manly Curls and which Cristiano Ronaldo has popularized among men with curly hair. He used to sport this hairstyle during his later years at English soccer team Manchester United FC and, as he became a soccer superstar, women would literally throw their panties at him during matches. The Metro Mullet hairstyle was already in vogue with also soccer player David Beckham, but the latter has straight hair so Cristiano Ronaldo has been the inspiration for us curly men to style our curls with personality and hopefully too have women throwing their panties at us!

Cristiano Ronaldo with a Metro Mullet curly hairstyle

With the Metro Mullet, Cristiano Ronaldo has also shaved lines across the sides with a razor, which we highly don’t recommend!

Cristiano Ronaldo with a curly Metro Mullet hairstyle

Cristiano Ronaldo totally kills it with the Metro Mullet curly hairstyle!

Cristiano Ronaldo’s curly FAUX HAWK hairstyle

For the last few seasons at Spanish soccer team Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo has sported a Faux Hawk hairstyle for his curly hair. The Faux Hawk hairstyle is less extreme than the Metro Mullet hairstyle and fits in well as he has become older (about to turn 27 years old this 5th February 2012). The Faux Hawk suits him very well and it is a hairstyle that I high recommend to any curly men!

Cristiano Ronaldo with a curly Faux Hawk hairstyle

Cristiano Ronaldo with a curly faux hawk hairstyle

Cristiano Ronaldo shows that a Faux Hawk hairstyle goes very well with a suit and tie

Cristiano Ronaldo’s HIGH AND TIGHT curly hairstyle

The High and Tight hairstyle is another favorite of Cristiano Ronaldo for his curls. The good thing about the High and Tight is that if left to grow, it can easily turn into a Faux Hawk hairstyle, and if you get tired of the latter, you can always trim the Faux Hawk and go back to a High and Tight, that easy! As typical for men with curly hair, Cristiano Ronaldo looks great with the High and Tight hairstyle.

Cristiano Ronaldo with a High and Tight curly hairstyle

A recent poll in a women’s magazine has put Cristiano Ronaldo among the hottest men in the celebrity world

Cristiano Ronaldo’s curly CAESAR CUT hairstyle

A hairstyle popular with the likes of curly George Clooney, Cristiano Ronaldo has also opted for a Caesar Cut hairstyle to enhance his curls and look. The good thing about the Caesar Cut hairstyle is that it can be done from a fade or Faux Hawk hairstyle as the hair on top of the head is styled forward. In fact, you only need the sides of your head with a #3 hair clipper length in a Faux Hawk to be able to instantly change to a Caesar Cut hairstyle, as Cristiano Ronaldo shows below!

Cristiano Ronaldo for a Caesar Cut hairstyle for his curly hair

Cristiano Ronaldo has also emulated George Clooney’s style with a Caesar Cut hairstyle

Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend…

Oops, this one must have slipped in somehow… You know what, I think it is good to know the kind of women those men with proud curly hair get. Cristiano Ronaldo is always at the vanguard of hairstyles and continually makes his curls a key piece of his image. Having said that, not only is he at the forefront of curly hairstyles, but he also is when it comes to dating women. His latest addition to his portfolio is supermodel Irina Shayk, I”l let you be the judge…

Irina Shayk is the girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo

Irina Shayk is the hot girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo

Model Irina Shayk and curly Cristiano Ronaldo

Follow the advice at Manly Curls and you too can skyrocket your women-attracting potential!

As you guys can see, Cristiano Ronaldo is a worldwide style icon for a reason. After David Beckham, the world needed a soccer star to take the throne of innovating hairstyles and curly Cristiano Ronaldo is doing a great job so far. At Manly Curls we strive for Ronaldo to be the reference for us curly men all over the planet and you should find in him, regardless of your curly hair type, the inspiration to make your curls an asset, just like he does. Next time I will be covering Cristiano Ronaldo’s medium length curly hairstyles so keep an eye out here at Manly Curls and become a fan on Facebook to be on the latest for your curly hair and lifestyle!

All the best


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    This is what I needed mate. Been looking for a guide to Cristiano Ronaldo’s hairstyles as I had lost track of how many he had. Will try to put that Metro Mullet you came up with to good use. Cheers!

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