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On today’s Curly Hair Men Talk, we have Anders, a cool cat who exemplifies coolness with a serious touch of international. Currently in the US, this half Egyptian half Danish curly dude not only has the mane but also the brains. Manly Curls prototype!


A curly dude with great hair


Name: Anders


Right now I’m in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but I’m headed back to Odense, Denmark in a couple of months.

Hair Type:

Type II

Introduce yourself!

Hey folks!

I am a 20 year old student from Denmark (Sabbatical in US now.). I am half-egyptian and half-danish, so I am what people call a wonderful blend of two cultures. I am intensely curious about EVERYTHING, but the brain and everything it entails is my deep-seated passion. I am currently on the path of becoming a doctor, applying to medical schools in Denmark, so if everything goes after the plan I am headed for neuropsychiatry, or neurology. Nothing is carved in stone just yet, though. (Editor’s Note: I am a fan of Ander’s researched writings and he is truly talented)

How do you care for your hair?

The past couple of years I have used a few products with good results, but I’ve switched over to hair pomade’s with citrus aromas and it is working great so far.

Weirdest hair moment?

Would probably be at that time where I hated my curls because all the other cool kids in school were doing spiky-hairstyles, and I started straightening my hair every morning. I used hair wax to spike it up… problem was that at one point, during the winter I was going to get pictures taking for a new passport and was headed out my hair looking cool and all, then guess what… it started raining. Within 10 minutes my hair was half-curly and half-straight basically popping all over the place with curls. You can guess what the picture looked like, ha. It was horrible.

Favorite hairstyle or haircut?

I like some of James Franco’s curly hair pictures. (Not sure what the style’s called) (Editor’s Note: JF tends to have a preference for shaggy hairstyles)

One tip for a better lifestyle:

Cliché, but very, very true: Work Hard, Play Hard.


Curly Hair Men Talk interview


Favorite place you have been to in the whole world:

Tuscany in Italy. Beautiful language, beautiful culture, beautiful women, and beautiful landscape. (Editor’s Note: The man knows what he is talking about)

You have just built a time machine, what time period in history are you visiting?

If I could go back in time, I’d go all the way back to the Renaissance and join the scientific Giants.

Casual or formal wear?


Shaving razors or clippers?


One celebrity with a mane you are inspired by:

Johnny Depp, his hair is awesome.

One celebrity you’d go dining with:

Karl Jung. We’d explore many interesting topics of the human psyche, and I’d never want to leave the table.

One celebrity you’d punch in the face:

Shia La’Douche

Chuck Norris vs Batman. Who wins?

Chuck Norris. Always.


A curly dude with a great curly mane jumping from the roof


Gym or outdoors exercising?


One song for an enjoyable evening:

High And Dry by Radiohead.

Manly Curls is…

A symbol of ingenuity.

Final words?

Thanks for featuring me here on your great blog. If any of the readers are interested in what happens in the brain when you eat chocolate, why you get all crazy when you’re in love, and what those common drugs do your brain and much, much more, you should check out my blog The Illuminated Brain

(Editor’s Note: Anders blog is an awesome place to get to know more about your brain and how it behaves. Anders will be back updating it soon but his blog so far contains some awesome reading material, I highly recommend it! But before you click on his blog, Like his interview below if you have enjoyed it!)

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