3 Professional Curly Hairstyles for Businessmen

Businessmen and other professional men with curly hair know that image is paramount. A cool mane can be styled with a curly hairstyle to not only enhance a professional image for business men but also add a unique factor to one’s looks. Read ahead for 3 business hairstyles suitable for curly haired men.

Throughout my professional career, I have had to pay special attention to my curly hair because us curly men have hair that tends to go crazy and do all sort of funky stuff unless it is kept to a very short length. If you are a cool cat like myself, however, you want to style your curly hair with a bit of uniqueness and be able to look professional while being your own self and not another sheep in the herd. On the other hand though, you also need to watch our for not distracting people with your hair when you communicate, for communication is essential to gain the trust and respect of your business fellows. A line needs to be drawn, therefore, when it comes to the uniqueness and suitability of sporting a harmonious business hairstyle for a curly mane.

That’s why I bring you the following 3 hairstyles to add to your curly repertoire of looks and styles and get that curly mane talking business!


Curly hairstyle for short length hair: THE BUZZ CUT

The Buzz Cut haistyle is a classic no-muss-no-fuss hairstyle for men who are too busy to even spend some time styling their curls in the morning. The Buzz Cut hairstyle is achieved with a haircut that clips the top, sides and back of your head in the same length, a length that can be from a #1 to a 4# in guard length. The hair is then either left untouched at the top if it is very short or styled to the sides or up (use your fingers). Thus, the Buzz Cut hairstyle allows you to display some of your mane while giving you a conservative look which doesn’t distract others.

The Fade hairstyle is a great hairstyle for professional men with curly hair


Will Smith sporting a curly Fade hairstyle with a suit.

Will Smith shows that a Buzz Cut hairstyle is great for professional men with curly hair


Curly hairstyle for short length hair: THE IVY LEAGUE

The Ivy League hairstyle is possibly the best curly hairstyle for businessmen and professionals. The Ivy League hairstyle relies on trimming the hair with scissors but leaving different lengths: the sides and back are left to 1/2 inch and the top up to 2 inches. This creates a very gradual and aesthetically pleasing effect to the eye and integrates the curly hair nicely to the head. The Ivy League hairstyle was precisely coined to suit those men in the private schools making the Ivy League athletic conference in the US who would themselves be later joining the ranks of successful businessmen and professionals. The Ivy League hairstyle cannot, thus, fit any more perfectly in a business setting.


Jim Morrison with a classic professional Ivy League hairstyle for men

Matthew Morrison is the curly celebrity insignia for the Ivy League hairstyle


Curly hairstyle for medium length hair: THE JIM MORRISON

Allright, this one is for the dandies of the business industry. The Jim Morrison hairstyle has you growing your curly hair at the same length all around your head. It is then allowed to puff and this is where it gets tricky. Make sure that your mane is properly moisturized  and that you are using a leave-in conditioner to have those curls looking neat. Do NOT, and I repeat, do NOT go for a Jim Morrison hairstyle if you cannot spend 2-3 minutes in the morning to style your curls and apply leave-in conditioner.

If you style your Jim Morrison hairstyle properly, it will look professional and will add a unique touch to your mane that will gain admiration among your business colleagues, be it men or women. That said, watch out for evening business parties involving alcohol, for the Jim Morrison hairstyle is a hairstyle known to make women go wild (including business women, not that I would know about it…).


The Jim Morrison hairstyle for businessmen with curly hair


The Jim Morrison hairstyle is a great haircut for businessmen with curly hair

The Jim Morrison hairstyle for men is anecdotally known to make women do crazy things!


The point of having curly hair is to have a mane that makes up your identity. Full stop! That’s why these 3 curly hairstyles for businessmen and professionals alike are a great “this is me” touch to a professional look. In a business environment, originality with confidence pays off so, to you businessmen and professional men with curly hair, get cracking with these curly hairstyles and rock your mane like it is business!

All the best.


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