The Fade Haircut with Fresh Prince curly Will Smith!

The Fade haircut has been the preferred style of Will Smith for pretty much, well, always really. The Fade haircut turns into a curly hairstyle that revolves around trimming the hair in a weekly basis and is a great haircut for men with curly hair in the the tighter Type III-V curly hair ranges. Today, I want to focus on Will Smith and how he has sported the Fade haircut throughout his movie career.

I grew up watching The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Will Smith was one of the first TV people that brought the Fade haircut to my eyes. The Fresh prince of Bel Air was one of my favourite shows and because I was living in another country I had to watch it in another language which, contrary to most translated shows, had a good enough translation to still make Will Smith’s shenanigans funny (I have watched The Fresh Prince of Bel Air throughout different stages of my life in English, Spanish, French and Arabic, some weird translations I have seen!).


The cast of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air with Will Smith and his Fade haircut.

Regardless of languages and frontiers, Will Smith’s Fade haircut always inspired those men with curly hair who watched him!


One of Mr. Smith’s most notable attributes was his hair which he styled with a Fade haircut. Clipped gradually at the sides and back while building up to a levelled top trimmed with scissors, the comical West Philadelphian made the Fade haircut a popular haircut amongst international young curly men like yours truly.


The Fade haircut with Will Smith in Fresh Prince

Will Smith actually started the Fresh Prince with a High Top Fade haircut in his first season


The Fade haircut with curly Will Smith

He did, however, downgrade it to a Fade haircut after the first few seasons of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air


The Fade is a great haircut for those men with curly hair ranging from Type III to V as it requires the curls to be tight enough to be able to sustain themselves vertical at the top. It is best done in curly hair with a short length and the hair at the top is normally trimmed to about half an inch of visible length. To get the Fade haircut, the sides and back are clipped at varying lengths, starting from the lowest point of the scalp at #0, then building up to the top with a guard length of #2 or #3, hence the name Fade.


The Fade haircut with curly hair Will Smith

Will Smith knows how to keep an elegant look with the Fade haircut


Will Smith’s career has been outstanding and we all remember him as the hyperactive comic teenager in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air who turned into a cool dude in Men in Black and then marveled us with his outstanding performance in Ali and Pursuit of Happiness. Coincidentally, he has kept his curly mane with a Fade haircut throughout pretty much all of his movies which proves that the Fade haircut can turn into a very suitable and back-to-the-oldschool hairstyle for men with curly hair.


Will Smith in Men in Black sporting a fade haircut.

Too cool for school with that Fade haircut, Mr. Smith!


The Fade haircut is similar to the High and Tight hairstyle only that with the Fade, the sides and back are clipped with different lengths whereas the High & Tight has an even clipped length all through the sides and back. Thus, the only drawback of the Fade haircut is that requires a bit more maintenance and visits to the barber but it always does the job of providing a neat and stylish look those curly men who decide to go with this great haircut for curly hair.


Curly Will Smith with his fade haircut and children Jaden and Willow.

Will Smith has passed on his fresh curly hair and attitude to his children Jaden and Willow!


The Fade haircut is a great style for those men seeking a solid and stylish curly hairstyle. It requires special attention and visits to the barber yetm as Will Smith has portrayed for many years, the Fade haircut is a style for men with curly hair that is here to stay!

All the best.


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  1. Aaron
    February 7, 2012 at 1:54 am

    Kudos to u, this hairstyle has been my fav for years.

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