Leo Messi and other FC Barcelona players in funny commercial video!

 FC Barcelona players star in a behind the scenes funny video for Turkish Airlines. Watch Leo Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Pique, Dani Alves and many more clowning around!

I like to wake up early, smell my coffee and browse around online quickly to catch up on the latest international stuff. Then, I go about my day but being updated on world affairs and, why not, internet trends is a cool way to start the day. Since you guys know that I am in need of making myself more online trends conscious and stuff, I have been paying special attention to viral online videos and movements.

I covered the recent El Clasico matches here at Manly Curls that had us some weeks ago being able to enjoy great soccer with Real Madrid and FC Barcelona going head to head. I received quite a few emails and my coverage ended up going semi-viral so I am going to follow with you guys a bit more on soccer stuff today. A Manly Curls reader sent to my inbox a link to the videos of the very recent Turkish Airlines commercial involving some FC Barcelona players (thanks dude!). Despite FC Barcelona being the current World and European champions, this Spanish team keeps their feet on the ground and keep their cool at all times, showing their millions and millions of fan worldwide what a cool bunch they are.

While the Turkish Airlines commercial you are about to watch is quite boring and a mere imitation of past Nike commercials involving FC Barcelona, the behind the scenes video is priceless. You get to see some of FC Barcelona’s international soccer superstars: Leo Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Gerard Pique, Pedro Rodriguez, Mascherano, Dani Alves, Busquets and Abidal, clowning around and showing that despite their millions in the bank, hot chicks and Ferraris, they are humans too! They were supposed to say a few phrases in Spanish and also Turkish, which prompted these superstars to clown around trying to say the phrases in such a different language as Turkish is to Spanish.

Because Manly Curls is your source of awesome lifestyle stuff, watch the videos below and read through today’s expert article on how to grow the perfect afro. That’s right, at Manly Curls we take you from watching soccer superstars making a fool of themselves to reading essential tips on how to grow the perfect afro! I’ll leave you know with the vids.

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