3 essential Fitness Tips to boost your gym goals

The following fitness tips are essential for beginners to the gym world who want to get in shape, gain muscle, lose fat, get stronger, get a six pack or simply rock their life with a fitter self!

Every time I step into the gym, I see the same. Individuals who are shooting themselves in the foot and wasting their gym time, an occurrence which goes for both beginners (aka newbies) and those who have some years under their belts (yet are still as weak or lacking in progress as when they started). This is because if you start your fitness endeavors wrong and fail to correct your direction, you will then be on a continous path of lack of progress and time wasting. Today, I want to dedicate this article to bringing you 3 essential fitness tips that will skyrocket your gains in the gym, whether it is muscle gain, losing fat, getting strong, getting in shape or just looking good naked.


Rogelio’s Fitness Tips N.1:

“Focus on gym progress”

This one is one of the main reasons why people who go to the gym fail and then quit. Just like anything in life, you need to progress if you want to achieve your objectives. Particularly now, still fresh from those New Year’s resolutions, people tend to rush into the gym with extra optimism to, weeks later, quit and see themselves as a failure. While being overly motivated with resolutions and gym goals is great, you should strive to emphasize making progress. I don’t care what your goal is; getting buff, losing that beer belly or building enough stamina to get your lady rocking in the bedroom, you need to progress to achieve your goal and this is the most important of all fitness tips.

Every time you step into the gym, think before and visualize yourself achieving your long-term goal. I once coached an out of shape succesful businessman who all he wanted was to build a ripped body and score with hot girls, since he was too busy to even start a family so he wanted to make the most of his free time. Superficial, perhaps, but anyone hitting the gym has a superficial motive too, regardless of what one may tell others. I had him, before coming to the gym and on his way there, imagining the sort of hotties he would like to score with and the amount of times that being out of shape has interfered with his goal. This guy would come to the gym almost furious and ready to take no prisoners. I had him in just 5 months transforming from a couch potato who had never exercised in his life to getting his ripped body. He visited me a few months later with his new girlfriend. All I can tell you is that he achieved his goal with merits!


Rogelio lost fat and gained muscle in his amazing 4 month body transformation

Unlike other self-proclaimed lifestyle or fitness experts, I like to walk the walk before talking the talk

Keep your focus on progress. Measure your progress and strive to move one step forward in every occasion that you hit the gym. Without this, you will be lost and will never achieve that which you have set yourself to.


Rogelio’s Fitness Tips N.2:

“Don’t go by the mirror, go by how much you lift in the gym”

Mirrors lie. It doesn’t help that many gym goers suffer from bigorexia, a body image disorder that has sufferers seeing themselves differently to how they really look. You should never go solely by what you see in the mirror because this is highly subjective. Instead, use a more tangible measure of success as is how much you can lift. All factors equal, if you get stronger, you will have more muscle mass and look better, and since this is the goal of about 95% of gym goers, the second of my fitness tips is to use how much you can lift as your main gauge of progress. Of course, it goes without saying that good lifting technique should always be stressed but you should be getting stronger over the long term.

If you want to be making good gym progress, you need to be on a solid and optimal weight training routine and be doing compound exercises such as Squats, Rows and Deadlifts, even if you just want to lose fat and especially if you are a beginner. You guys know me by now for my no bullcrap attitude and I always stress working hard to play hard. Leave the fluffy Swiss ball crunches for those who conform with mediocrity. Aim to get stronger in the Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press (or Press), among other useful body recomposition exercises, because if you get stronger in these exercises, I guarantee you that the gains in muscle, fat loss and better fitness will come. There is no too strong in life, though I can assure you that there is too weak.


A curly weightlifter with a lot of muscle doing a heavy squat.

Get strong in the squat and you will gain muscle and look better naked, simple (grow a moustache too for an added manly effect!)


Rogelio’s Fitness Tips N.3:

“Work hard when you are in the gym”

Again, just like anything in life, hard work pays off. You need to continually be putting hard work into your gym efforts to get something out of it. But, what is hard work? Hard work is not grunting like a gorilla when doing half-assed bench presses, hard work is not doing bicep curls as you shout perojatives to “pump yourself” and hard work certainly isn’t breaking a sweat after a set of 100 crunches on the aforementioned Swiss ball.

You want fitness tips? Hard work is doing that which is required to progress. This means, doing what you have set yourself to do in the gym. Keep a training diary, write your workout for the day before going to the gym and focus 100% in accomplishing what you have written down. If you have to do 5 sets of 10 repetitions in the Squat with 300lbs, then you go and you do it. I don’t care if your boss shouted at you in the afternoon or if your girlfriend is having her period and she is moody. You go to the gym and you do 5 sets of 10, not 3 sets, not 7 sets, not 8 reps, you do your 5 sets of 10 repetitions. If you stick by what I have just told you, you will be progressing every single time that you go the gym and you will be on your way to achieving your long term goals.


A weightlifter doing a hard set of squats

Believe me when I say hard work pays off


Beginners tend to get lost when it comes to putting their efforts correctly in the gym to accomplish their goals. Not only gym newbies do fall in this trap however, which is why these fitness tips will help both beginners and advanced gym trainers. If you manage to focus on your gym progress, emphasize the tangible measure of gym strenth and understand what hard gym work is, then this man with curly hair guarantees you a lifetime of gym success with these fitness tips!

All the best.


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  1. Luke
    June 4, 2013 at 5:19 pm

    Not bad, but you don’t say anything about diet or rest.

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