The Many Short Length Curly Hairstyles of Mark Salling

Having previously blogged about Matthew Morrison and his curly hair, I could not pass the opportunity to blog about curly haired Mark Salling. This curly man is best known for starring in Glee as Noah “Puck” Puckerman and, unlike Matthew Morrison, Mark Salling opts to style his curly hair with hairstyles that are a bit more, let’s say, extreme. Mark Salling has been a celebrity insignia for the curly High and Tight Recon hairstyle and seems to have an affinity for curly haircuts that involve the use or razors and clippers.

Mark Salling has Type II curly hair and keeps his curls with either a shaved or near shaved length. He has a tendency to choose haircuts involving the shaving of parts of his head while leaving his curly hair showing on the top, a look which I highly recommend for curly men under the age of 35.

Mark Salling loves the High and Tight Recon hairstyle and is one of the few TV celebrities that has sported this curly hairstyle for any given amount of time. Throughout Glee, he can be seen sporting the High and Tight Recon hairstyle and even off camera he seems to like it.


Mark Salling with a curly High and tight recon hairstyle

The High and Tight Recon does suit Mark Salling nicely


Mark Salling with his curly high and Tight hairstyle

Looking cool, Mr. Salling!


The cool thing about the High and Tight Recon is that it can instantly turn into a Faux Hawk hairstyle, albeit with some slight modifications. As we know, the Faux Hawk hairstyle is very suiting for curly men so long as the crest is not left too long: Mark Salling styles it following this Manly Curls advice and, in return, he looks great anytime he goes the Faux Hawk hairstyle way!


Mark Salling with a curly Faux Hawk hairstyle

The Faux Hawk suits Mark Salling’s face shape and is a hairstyle which is easy to change to


Mark Salling has also at times allowed for his clipped curly hair to grow a bit while leaving the landing strip of the High and Tight Recon untouched. This has a allowed for a more stereotypical Faux Hawk hairstyle as illustrated below.


Mark Salling with a curly Faux Hawk hairstyle

The lateral curly hair on top of the head grows a bit and the crest remains the same for a Faux Hawk hairstyle


As mentioned, Mark Salling likes to clip his hair and he has also sported the manly Buzz Cut hairstyle, which suits him well because he has the adequate head shape for this hairstyle. He also has a good hairline despite he is not a young gun anymore (Mark Salling is 29 years old, born on August 17 1982) and his fortunate hairline and thick curly hair follicles add attractiveness to this hairclipper hairstyle!


Women seem to rate this hairstyle as the most suiting for Mark Salling so, when in doubt go, with the Buzz Cut haircut!


Whatever curly hairstyle that Mark Salling happens to be wearing, it looks great. Mark Salling is a great example of using extreme hairstyles for curly hair to accentuate one’s facial feature and instilling a non-conformist yet urban style. The fact that Mark Salling as a curly celebrity has continued to sport extreme hairstyles, such as the High and Tight Recon, shows that shaping your curly hair with unique hairstyles is a great option for modern curly men. Mark Salling, you are one us proud men with curly manes!

All the best.


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