Hot Curly Girls – Myriam Fares and her curly hair

At Manly Curls we cherish curly girls and curly hair, this is a fact. My previous Top 10 list of hot women with curly hair was a hit and I am very aware that one of the ladies, Myriam Fares, was a sensation among our readers. Today, thus, I’d like to blog about Myriam Fares, a curly haired beauty from the Middle East.


Myriam Fares is a hot woman with curly hair

One of the pleasures of living in the Middle East is discovering beautiful arab women unknown to the western world!


Myrian Fares is a 28 year old Lebanese curly singer/actress/dancer who is well known in the Arab world for being their music diva (the Arab world has a curly beauty for a diva and we have, hmmm… androgynous Lady Gaga) and she has built a solid career in both music and television. Just like pretty much the rest of the female population in Lebanon, curly Myriam Fares is both hot and beautiful (seriously, what do they feed girls in that country?) and she has also been the face of several beauty products and, at Manly Curls, we certainly know why, just take a look at her curly locks!


Myriam Fares posing with her curly hair

Myriam Fares posing with curly hair

She has amazing curly hair that just makes any man drool for her


Myriam Fares is very well known for her hazel natural curly hair, a classic Type III that she keeps very long and loose. Myriam fares has also trademarked her curly hair to her image which has clearly added a competitive edge to her singing career in the Arab World; any time a curly female mane is seen around in TV, people will think of her, she really is that popular!


Hot Myriam Fares with curly hair and sunglasses


Curly haired Myriam Fares showing her hips during a concert

What a fine curly girl she is!


Myriam Fares has at times also straightened her natural curls, which in this curly man’s opinion is a big mistake! I mean, you only need to look at curly Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas’ less virile-looking brother, to see that anytime a curly celebrity straightens his/her hair, they ruin their image.  Myriam Fares is certainly a naturally beautiful curly girl and I might consider sending her a Manly Curls official letter asking her to keep her sexy curly hair.


Myriam Fares after having straightened her curly hair

Nah…doesn’t do it for me


Sexy Myriam Fares with curly hair singing in a concert

Much, much, better!


Because us men cannot live without women, I think that bringing a curly hottie such as Myriam Fares to the blogging light is well deserved in a blog for men with curly hair. Curly women are hot and we should give them much praise for wearing their curly locks with such intrepidity in a world where women with curly hair are brainwashed to straighten those waves. Bring it on, curly girls!

All the best.


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2 comments for “Hot Curly Girls – Myriam Fares and her curly hair

  1. Afnan
    May 7, 2012 at 7:26 pm

    I like what you wrote about Myriam. She is amazing. Her singing as amazing as her hair.

  2. Thomas
    February 5, 2012 at 11:37 am

    Thanks for devoting the time to write about women with curly hair. They are indeed beautiful.

    Best Regards.


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