Sleep Deprivation, 5 tips to fight its effects!

Rogelio brings you 5 tips to fight sleep deprivation. Insomnia is a side effect of living a modern life and affects urban men regardless of lifestyle. Check out the following sleep deprivation tips to get a better day!

What you are about to read is something which will change your sleep deprived days. They are some of the tricks I have used myself and which will become part of your game of being an urban male and going through any given day with sleep deprivation. You work your ass off, you hit the gym hard, you party hard and sometimes, well, sleep doesn’t come. I personally believe that insomnia is partly caused by circadian rythm disruptions (I could talk for ages about the roles of melatonin, serotonin, cortisol, I’m such a geek) and if you want to know more about how to get better sleep, I have also written a popular article on tips to get awesome sleep. I take my lifestyle hacking seriously and what follows are some tips to battle sleep deprivation and give you a competitive edge in your modern life.


Sleep deprivation and insomnia are common in modern life for men

Oh, hello, sleep deprivation…


Allright. Picture this:

It is 5AM, you can’t fall asleep. You’ve been tossing in bed for the last 5 hours. You look at the time. Nah, it ain’t happening. You know it will be another crap sleep deprived zombie day at work…

At Manly Curls, we have what you need to avoid feeling like death for the next 24 hours. Sleep deprivation, you goin’ be kicked straight in the face!

1) Get up

Sleep deprivation and waking up in the morningIt ain’t gonna happen. The fact that you know what time it is and that you will be facing a day of feeling like crap is getting you nervous already and not allowing you to fall asleep. Time to face sleep deprivation.

If it is 3 hours before your normal waking time (e.g 7AM and it is over 4AM), get up. Go about your day as if it were 7AM. Shower with cold water preferably, shave, get your mane looking diesel, have breakfast and go. Turning up to work super early and getting the fresh urban early morning smell will wake you up. You will be able to go to work through empty streets and will soon feel clear minded (for the record, pleaseĀ do not drive if you do this, you will endanger yourself and others).

Staying in bed for longer to eventually pass out for 45 minutes before your alarm clock wakes you up is the worst you could be doing to yourself and the day ahead.


2) Caffeine

Sleep deprivation and coffee in the morningCaffeine is the urban man’s best friend. Caffeine is a stimulant and works like a champ to fight sleep deprivation, especially if your tolerance is not super high. Take 100-200mgs of caffeine before you jump in the shower. The easiest way is through tablets which are easily available at your nearest store or through coffee. A 7oz cup of coffe of drip coffee has anywhere from 110 to 180mgs of caffeine, whereas brewed tends to have 2/3 of that.

Caffeine has been proven in research to fight the effects of sleep deprivation. Throw in some l-tyrosine if you fancy more stimulation but be aware that the combo can be very stimulating. As usual, always check with your doctor first though both caffeine and l-tyrosine are safe supplements in low-moderate doses in healthy people.


3) Avoid tasks requiring focus

Sleep deprivation and concentration in the morningSleep deprivation turns anyone into an ADHD mess. The most prevalent side effect of sleep deprivation in studies is the inability to sustain focus and concentration during monotonous tasks. In other words, avoid filling in databases or proof reading documents if you are sleep deprived. Instead, sleep deprivation seems to anecdotically increase creativity (many writers have documented to do their best writing while sleep deprived!), which could be due to the way one of your brain chemicals, serotonin, is affected during sleep deprivation.

My advice is to use the day to take on projects which require outside the box thinking, I always do my brainstorming sessions on the days that I happen to be sleep deprived and it really does work.


4) Avoid noisy environment

Sleep deprivation and a noisy officeWhile it would be acceptable to think that noisy environments would help you stay awake while sleep deprived, you’d fare better avoiding these scenarios and spending the day in a quiet environment that allows your mind to wander off in creativity.

Trust me, if you do Tips 1, 2 and 3, you will not need noisy or distracting environments to keep awake. In fact, noises, sounds or hectic environments will distract you too much; remember, your focus and ability to concentrate has been shot down with sleep deprivation and distractions will make it worse. Moreover, your ability to become more irritable increases with sleep deprivation which adds even more drama to your day.

My advice is to avoid noisy or distracting environments and go about your day like a monk in a remote Tibetan monastery.


5) Go to bed at the same time as usual

Sleep deprivation and insomniaAvoid going to bed earlier, even if you feel tired. Fool yourself into thinking that this is just another day and you will be going to bed at the same time.

The body works best with routines and it follows a natural rythm. Going to bed earlier than usual will modify your sleep schedule and will have you, the next day, feeling tired earlier than usual.

Go to bed at the same time as usual and you will be able to wake up the next day at the usual time fresh as a cucumber. Tried and tested, it really works!




Products to fight sleep deprivation

You can find the products to fight sleep deprivation mentioned in this article for cheap at Amazon (just click the links below). Do always consult your doctor prior to taking any of them!

  • Caffeine gum: caffeine gum was invented for the military as military personnel has to stay up for long hours. Caffeine gum is a fast way to get a boost of caffeine as the caffeine is absorbed through your gums, yielding the most rapid form of administration available.
  • Yohimbine: this ingredient has a different method of action from caffeine yet gives an even stronger awakening effect than caffeine. Yohimbine has the “nice” side effect of improving erections and was the prescribed medication for older men back when the little blue pill didn’t exist!
  • L-tyrosine: l-tyrosine works different from caffeine and yohimbine in that it improves fatigue and promotes a clear mind but without physically stimulating you as caffeine or yohimbine would do. L-tyrosine is a must-have supplement as it will literally save you on days where your previous-night’s sleep was poor. You can even chew some caffeine gum after taking the l-tyrosine but be aware that both substances have a strong synergy.
  • Green tea + Yohimbine + Caffeine: this is a stack of green tea, yohimbine and caffeine, each ingredient in a different pill so you can tailor your own dose.

Sleep deprivation is a beast, there’s no denying that. I too have had my share of insomnia nights and bouts of sleep deprivation, it is part and parcel of being an urban male living in a fast moving environment. Through experimentation, I have found these 5 tips to battle sleep deprivation like a champ and return me to my almost self after an sleepless night. Try them yourself next time you have to face sleep deprivation, you will be amazed!

All the best.


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