Ask Rogelio – Troy Polamalu’s hair vs your curly mane

The curly hair of Troy Polamalu is enough to rival the mane of the most alpha lion in the savannas of Africa. A Manly Curls reader asks Rogelio about a hypothetical mane fight between both Troy Polamalu and Rogelio: two men with curly hair who get along just fine and who might just as well share some distant family roots!


Hey Rogelio,

Ok, so you have the best online curly mane around, but I challenge you to a mane fight in real life with Troy Polamalu, you think you can beat that guy in a mane vs mane cage fight?

I’d say it’d be a close call, although I am rooting for you cos your style is cool and you don’t enjoy gardening as a hobby unlike Mr. Polamalu.

Eric, Atlanta (USA)


Dear Eric,

You just made my day. At Manly Curls we love Troy Polamalu and truth is, you are not the first person to point out the similarities between my mane of curly hair and that of Troy Polamalu. I think it was only a matter of time for someone to compare Troy Polamalu’s curly hair with mine, so I’ll do my best to respond to your curly mane enquiry.

For the record, you know, gardening is quite some demanding hobby. You’d be surprised. I did a few rounds as a gardener when I was a teenager to earn some pocket money and carrying 100lbs sacks of seeds is a workout on its own. Nowadays I just lift heavy barbells for fun but so does Troy Polamalu; him and I actually have quite a few things in common aside from the curly hair.

To truly answer your question, however, you have to compare the level of epic badassness in the captions below.


Troy Polamalu with his mane of curly hair and his long curly hairstyle

Mr. Polamalu, I am not scared of you… bro…


The white hair version of Troy Polamalu is Curly Rogelio as he poses here

…for I don’t need to look menacing, I am a diplomatic man with curly hair and I believe a smile goes a long way


I consider Troy Polamalu my long lost Samoan brother so if we were to face each other in a mane fight, I’d simply use my inter-personal skills to convince him to share his hair care and curly hair tips with me. We’d probably end up having tea in his garden talking about silicone free conditioners and admiring his recently planted tomatoes. Oh, and he’d get a Manly Curls t-shirt too.

What ya think about all this Skeptical Hippo?


The skeptical hippo meme for a lifestyle blog for men with curly hair


Skeptical Hippo be skeptical but I have a feeling we’d get a long just fine.

And to be even more diplomatic and avoid any mane violence, I woke up today and decided to take a picture of myself just for your question, still half asleep and with my curly mane untouched from my beauty sleep, and show that Troy Polamalu and Rogelio are two dudes with curly manes that, instead of fighting, can get along together. True curly mane brotherhood right here!


Troy Polamalu with his curly hair versus the mane of Rogelio

Troy Polamalu and Rogelio, long lost brothers using different shampoos


So there, Troy Polamalu and yours truly would avoid any mane confrontation and just talk about curly hair, how to grow a mane, conditioners, tomatoes and catch up on our distant family matters!

All the best.


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Rogelio is the go-to guy when it comes to men's hair. Having embraced his natural curly hair for over a decade while living in 5 countries, Rogelio has learnt a thing or two along the way. Rogelio is the author of the two bestselling men's books "The Curly Hair Book" and "The Men's Hair Book", and his motto when it comes to hair is, "Gentlemen, having a good head of hair should not cost us our testosterone".

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2 comments for “Ask Rogelio – Troy Polamalu’s hair vs your curly mane

  1. James
    March 9, 2012 at 1:27 pm

    More than Troy Polamalu, I’d rather say you are the Chuck Norris of hair!

  2. Flo-Rida
    February 9, 2012 at 2:47 pm

    Dude, your hair and Troy’s is awesome. And yeah, you look alike lol
    Take care.

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