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At Curly Hair Men Talk, we love bringing you the coolest of dudes. Whether wavy, coiled or kinky haired, Manly Curls is the place to inspire and get the word out. Today, it is my absolute pleasure to bring you a fellow blogger whom I admire because he is a true adventurer. One day he decided to leave everything and travel the world, that simple! Oh, and he has the coolest ride…


David a wavy haired male with his cool motorbike


Name: David William

Location: from Chicago, currently traveling indefinitely…

Hair Type: Type 1, though closer to the straight and fine line of Type 1.

Introduce yourself!

Im a wanderer, a learner, looking to carve out an interesting existence that my future grand kids will look back on and say, “hot damn grandpa was a crazy one!” I am into traveling, rebuilding classic motorcycles, surfing, reading, and creating in every form. I have a lovely girlfriend that I am traveling full time with, on a sort of long term adventure around the globe.

How do you care for your hair?

At the moment, I go with how the weather and atmosphere makes me feel. That could mean a light Castillo soap or if I’m desperate, I’ll even use my girlfriends fancy shampoo and conditioner. Usually though, I prefer a hot water rinse and go.

Weirdest hair moment?

I’ve had some low hair moments, like any adventurous soul will have, but my weirdest was when I was working in a motorcycle shop and the owner called me out in front of all the guys about my no shampoo experiment. I was about five months deep at the time and I had no idea they even knew about my blog. Made me realize though that hair care and manly stuff like motorcycle building can still go together.


David didn't used shampoo for weeks at a time on his wavy hair

Just like yours truly, David also documented on his blog how he went about not using shampoo for long periods!


Favorite hairstyle or haircut?

I wish my hair was curlier, but being as it is, I prefer my hair to be shorter on the sides and back with a healthy mane on top.

One tip for a better lifestyle

ignore the experts. Somehow everybody claims to be the expert on everything, including your life. So take up all the advice you hear and carve out your own life. If it means abandoning shampoo or shaving your head, you only have to answer to yourself.

Favorite place you have been to in the whole world

San Javier, a neighborhood in the mountains of Medellin, Colombia. Beautiful and kind people, simple and peaceful lifestyles.


David from Curly Hair Men talk visits Colombia


You have just built a time machine, what time period in history are you visiting?

I’m a sucker for nostalgia, but I’m learning to focus on the present so I’d have to say right here where I am. As fascinated as I am with history, this is our time to shine and this is our golden age. We need to be here creating and living and making history for the future generations to admire.

Casual or formal wear?

Since I am traveling at the moment, I prefer nothing more than a simple t-shirt and dark blue jeans. Though twist my arm and I’m happy wearing a slim fitted three piece suit.

For your shaving, razors or clippers?

Clippers, since I also use them for hair cuts. Though I will be happy going back to a straight blade in my older years.

One celebrity with a mane you are inspired by

I don’t pay much mind to celebrities, but I notice when a guy on the street has a sharp mind for a mane. My inspiration comes from the streets.

One celebrity you’d go dining with

Ah yes, now I know how I’d use that time machine. Send me back to the late 19th century to have dinner with Mark Twain. What finer way to measure a man than by his wit and flowing locks?!

One celebrity you’d punch in the face

Mike Tyson, because he could easily take a shot to the jaw and I wouldn’t feel bad at it.

Chuck Norris vs Batman. Who wins?

If Chuck Norris and Batman were in a battle, the world has already ended and we’ve all been dead for three weeks.

Gym or outdoors exercising?

Outdoors can never be stifling, plus it forces you to let your guard down. You’re going to look silly working out at a park, so embrace it.

One song for an enjoyable evening: “I can’t be satisfied” by Muddy Waters

Manly Curls is… a digital barbershop where men can get together and banter about the finer things in life.

Final words?

Big thanks to Rogelio for giving me the platform here. Challenge yourself and see how life is without the shampoo. Don’t be afraid to question even the littlest things in life.

(Editor’s Note: Not only is David all over the world like Indiana Jones but he also has a blog. In there, he shares his minimalist approach to life, his experiences, his thoughts as an adventurer and you also get to see pics of his ride, totally jealous David! I highly recommend you folks to pass by his blog, great read and it will give you new perspective on life. You can read his blog here —> Almost Bohemian)

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