Lessons in Humanity with Baby Buggies

Today, I momentarily lost faith in humanity.

I had an appointment today and scheduled my morning for it. Normally I’d take the car if it is too far away or I’d walk if it is close but since the appointment was in a part of town that is normally heavily trafficked, I decided to hop on the bus instead.

I think public transport is a cool option for the modern male who lives in a big city. It is affordable, convenient and helps towards a greener enviroment. The public transport in my city is one of the best in the world, it really is that good though I don’t use it as often as I should. For one, I walk everywhere, as part of my healthy and lean-physique lifestyle, and for two, I get dizzy in buses. Yeah, this curly dude gets dizzy in buses and sometimes even in cars. Unless I am driving, I have a tendency to get dizzy inside anything that is moving on a road or on water, just like my beloved dogs do. I was born with curly hair and a tendency to get dizzy in buses and cars, go figure.

So, I was done with my appointment and decided to be an environment-friendly dude again and hopped on the bus to get back to my house. Bus was packed, as usual, so I just fitted inside like I could. There was a lady (Lady 1) using the big space allocated for baby buggies with her own buggy and she had placed the buggy in a manner so that it would take the two spaces available. About 3 minutes after myself hopping on the bus, another lady (Lady 2) entered the bus with her baby buggy and, for some reason, I knew something interesting was about to happen.

Lady 2 pushed her buggy to the buggy allocated space and asked Lady 1 if she (Lady 1) could move her buggy so that it would make use of only 1 of the 2 spaces available. Lady 1 said something, which I didn’t hear completely but didn’t sound very friendly, which in turn prompted Lady 2 to move Lady 1’s buggy. And then, the shizzle hit the fan.


A baby buggy known as stroller

Baby buggy violence is on the rise, people


Lady 1 gets up, starts telling Lady 2 what the f*ck she thinks she is doing bla bla bla. In about a minute, the verbal fight escalates to calling each other’s babies some bad names. I was trying not to pay attention but they were so loud that I heard gems such as:

“Yeah, your baby looks like a piece of sh*t” Lady 1

“That ugly baby of yours looks like an alien” Lady 2

All this while both babies were crying hardcore already.

Bus driver stopped the bus. Everyone on the bus flipping out with what we are seeing. Lady 2 tells Lady 1 if she wants to take things outside, Lady 1 keeps mouthing away. I got off my seat and tried to mediate by trying to calm Lady 2, who was about to start getting violent, while telling Lady 1 that the buggy allocated space is for 2 buggies, as the freaking panel next to her states. Bus passengers start shouting at them because we have been stopped for 5 minutes and they (passengers) start leaving the bus while myself and the bus driver are left there to handle the mess. Bus driver tells me the police is on its way and somehow Lady 2 heeds my advice to calm down and sits down. Lady 1 continues to insult her and her baby. Things seem to have toned down and another bus on the same route is behind us and loading those passengers who left. I ask the bus driver if everything is fine and if he needs me there and he says all is good. I get out of the bus and hop on the other bus.

What had I just seen? I ask myself. I mean, I am all up for watching two women mud wrestling or catfighting with wet T-shirts but, two women with babies calling each other’s offsprings some disgusting names? What a pathetic show.

It turns out that the new bus I hopped on had another lady (Lady 3) with an even bigger buggy than Lady 1 parked the same way as Lady 1’s on the previous bus! She was totally unaware of what had happened in the other bus as she was not one of those passengers who hopped on this bus from the other one. And, it turns out that on the next stop, another lady (Lady 4) with a baby buggy hopped on the bus too.

Since about half of the bus’ passengers were from the previous bus and had seen the aforementioned pathetic show, I could sense the thrill in the environment. Everyone was looking at Lady 4 with her baby buggy as she approached the buggy allocated space. Then, Lady 4 stopped and asked Lady 3 with the badly parked buggy if she could move her buggy to make space.

Oh yes, she did. Lady 4 went straight for the money and asked the magic question.

Then, my dear readers, I watched with my eyes something so seemingly trivial yet so beautiful.

Lady 3 smiled at Lady 4, got up from her seat, grabbed her huge buggy, took it out of the buggy space and invited Lady 4 with the kindest of manners to place her buggy first in the buggy space. Lady 4 smiled at her with gratitude, thanked her, placed her buggy in one of the buggy spaces and then Lady 3 put her buggy in the other allocated space. Oh, and they did all this while the bus was doing corners on a busy street.

You know, something so trivial as being considerate to other people never meant so much in that precise moment. A kind act which is one of the foundations of human relations had been, minutes before, obliterated and shattered before my eyes, only to be beautifully glued back together by someone who understands the essentials of being a human being. We sometimes take mutual respect for granted and, today, I had the privilege to see how one human being destroyed a beautiful quality of the human race which was minutes later exemplified with elegance and savoir faire by someone who truly represents what a human should be.

Thank you, lady with the huge baby buggy.

All the best.


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2 comments for “Lessons in Humanity with Baby Buggies

  1. Nikkia
    April 2, 2012 at 6:47 pm

    LOL where did you venture man, the bad side of town?

    • Rogelio
      April 8, 2012 at 6:13 pm

      LOL the bus did go through a bit of the ghetto area of my city and that’s when both ladies hopped on the bus, now that I think about it.

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