The Mop Top Hairstyle inspired by The Beatles!

The Mop Top hairstyle is a Rock ‘n’ Roll style for those curly hair men who rock in life. Inspired by the Beatles and resembling the Jim Morrison hairstyle, the Mop Top will revive your inner rocking spirit!


The Mop Top hairstyle is a style popularized by The Beatles back in the day when they were super awesome and before they started taking too many drugs (LSD made for some funky music creation though). I think the Mop Top is great for it is a pseudo form of the alpha Jim Morrison hairstyle and, as we know, any pseudo forms of the Jim Morrison, such as the Afro hairstyle, are just too freaking diesel. Unfortunately these days, Justin Bieber wears a Mop Top which has given some bad image to this Beatle-inspired hairstyle among us men who like to wear our hair so as to look like men and not like little girls. Justin Bieber references aside, the Mop Top hairstyle will give your head a fresh 60’s Rock ‘n’ Roll look that will turn heads everywhere you go.


The Mop Top hairstyle as exemplified by the Beatles with their wavy hair

The Beatles rocking the Mop Top hairstyle with their wavy hair!

The Mop Top is a hairstyle for men with curly hair in the Type I and II range. It needs a medium length and has you sporting a hair fringe on your forehead, parted to the side or front. The haircut for the Mop Top is as follow:

1) Trim hair on top of head to 3-5 inches in length. If you don’t have this length, you should aim to grow it to such length.

2) Make sure the hair fringe is trimmed to be at eyebrow level, not more. The aforementioned 3-5 inches is the approximate length for the fringe to reach this level with Types I and II curls.

3) Trim hair on back and sides with a fade, starting with 1/2 inch at the nape going all the way to 3 inches at the vertex (top of the back of the head). Do not use hair clippers here, only use barber scissors.

4) Side burns are clipped with a #4 and are left to reach earlobe level.


Once you have the right Mop Top haircut and lengths. You shall then proceed to style it like this:

1) Wet your curly or wavy hair. It should not be damp.

2) Spread one finger tip of gel across both palms. Rub them together to ensure optimal spread of gel.

3) Run your fingers throughout your head hair. Emphasize from the scalp up to the tip of the hair.

4) Shake your head and allow your curls to hang down.

5) Use a wide tooth comb to style your fringe/bang forward and have it rest on your forehead. You can part it a bit to the side too.

6) Now style the rest of the hair down. You should start with the comb on the center of the top of your head and run it down the hair length.

7) Once combed, run your fingers again through the hair length and try to puff them out a bit.

Thou shalt end up looking like this:


The Mop Top hairstyle with Ringo Starr and his wavy hair

Ringo Starr wasn’t the most popular of The Beatles but he sure knew how to rock his Mop Top!


The Mop Top hairstyle for modern curly hair men

A modern approach for the Mop Top hairstyle (this is the most modification you should do to the Mop Top)


Justin Bieber with his Mop Top hairstyle

Justin Bieber almost killed the Mop Top hairstyle.


If done as I have explained to you, the Mop Top hairstyle will look awesome. As a curly dude wanting to get my fellow readers to sport a diesel mane, it is my duty to revive the Mop Top and not allow it to fall into oblivion with the likes of Justin Bieber et al. The Mop Top hairstyle is a genuine style for those curly hair men who want to add some vintage tints to their modern manes, so get rocking and carry those curls Rock ‘n’ Roll style!

All the best.


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  1. Vincent Reagan
    August 25, 2017 at 12:31 am

    Not only do I wash my hair every day I also condition it every day!!!!!!! I also allow it to dry naturally after I comb it back… After I towel dry it. ..:)

  2. darren jeffery
    August 1, 2014 at 4:22 pm

    I am looking to grow my hair long but need a product will create a natural look long and heavy look. What would you suggest? Darren

    PS. it’s getting long now and i blow dry my hair and have a GHD hair straightener.

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