Ask Rogelio – Shampoo and Diet for Curly Hair

Today, Rogelio answers a question on shampooing curly hair for guys as well as overall hair care for long manes and nutrition tips for good hair and health!


Editor’s Note: This question was sent to me via the Contact Form and when I replied to this reader’s question, I got an automated reply that the email address used to contact me was incorrect. I tried pairing the incorrect email address on the database of our Newsletter registered members but we now have registered readers in the hundreds and I could not find any email address that resembled the email address of this reader.┬áThus, I am publishing the initial reply I gave him on the “Ask Rogelio” section because I could not get ahold of the reader and I would still like for him and all of you to benefit from my reply.

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Hey Rogelio,

My hair is about more than 6 inches in length. I always get compliments on my hair. One problem I encounter is when to wash my hair.

This my plan for the week: I always take showers in the morning when I wash my hair. I first wash my hair with lukewarm water in the morning with shampoo and conditioner. I combed out my curls with my fingers and once i hop out of the shower i lightly dry my hair with a cotton t-shirt then i naturally dry my hair which takes about an hour or 2. Within that time I move my head around in order for my hair to not stick to my head(usually in putting my head upside down so my hair can hang. I’ve been doing this method for months and it works marvesouly for me.

Monday- wash hair in the morning
Tuesday- dont wash hair in morning and put hair in a ponytail throughout the day

Same pattern through out the week, or sometimes I wash my hair for two consecutive days and the following day i don’t and I put my hair in a ponytail.

I dont know what to do about this.

More information on me taking care of my hair’s health – I eat alot of vegetables and fruits, just water most of the time and sometimes natural fruit juices, sleep well and i take multivitamins, never stressed( once in a blue moon i guess) also i eat alot of grilled meats such as grilled chicken, nothing fried and i don’t eat junk food.

Hopefully you can help me! thanks in advance.

Alvin (Through Contact Form)

Hello Alvin,

Your routine is great and is similar to what I do. I would leave it as that if it is working fine. Shampoo frequency varies among curly haired men and shampooing every other day is a frequency that suits many guys. I will be covering this topic more in detail in the near future but you are doing rightly as I recommended in my no shampoo article. I highly advice you to continue with this shampoo frequency, the majority of curly dudes benefit from shampooing once every other day up to once a week: it is within this range that you must find your optimal frequency by doing trial and error.

Likewise, you don’ t mention your hair type but my rule of thumb is that the higher you go in hair type (e.g. Type IV and V) the less you should shampoo. The ponytail thing you do is a great way to keep the hair from tangling and you should always wear your hair up in a ponytail or hair bun when you are not wearing your locks loose on purpose; a good situation to tie your hair is when going to bed so as to avoid your curls tangling as they rub against the pillow.


Rogelio losing fat and improving his curly hair with his natural diet

I lost 40lbs during my body transformation and improved the state of my curly hair too!


In terms of diet, the closest to nature the better. I have found that the diet which improved my health also improved my hair; better health has a knock on effect on hair, skin and attitude to life, tried and tested! Have a look at the fat loss diet I used for my rapid body transformation to know what sort of foods I used to regain my health back. From the looks of what you mention as food items, you have a good diet but benchmark it with mine as there are food items such as berries which are essential to good hair (they are packed with antioxidants not found elsewhere!).

If you got any more questions, feel free to contact me again but, please, use your correct email address!

All the best.


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Rogelio is the go-to guy when it comes to men's hair. Having embraced his natural curly hair for over a decade while living in 5 countries, Rogelio has learnt a thing or two along the way. Rogelio is the author of the two bestselling men's books "The Curly Hair Book" and "The Men's Hair Book", and his motto when it comes to hair is, "Gentlemen, having a good head of hair should not cost us our testosterone".

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11 comments for “Ask Rogelio – Shampoo and Diet for Curly Hair

  1. Abhishek Pawar
    July 25, 2014 at 8:58 pm

    Hey Rogelio,I am a 21 year old boy .I have always wanted to have long curly hair. But everytime I try to grow them there is one problem which always makes to force to cut my hair. This problem is cold.I get cold everytime my hair hair grows long upto 3.5 inches. What should I do to avoid this cold?? PLEASE HELP ME

  2. AJ
    March 31, 2014 at 9:41 pm

    All right, I will admit I am a chick. But I love getting curly hair tips from EVERYWHERE! (I am a 47 y.o. Arab-Irish woman w/ 16″ of curls I’m JUST LEARNING TO care for properly. Hey, better late than never!) Anyhow, I just wanted to thank you, Rogelio, for putting out all the good info on long, curly hair for men. The severest crush I ever had involved a dude w/ BEAUTIFUL just-past-the-shoulders curls. Men, if you’ve got the goods to rock the long, full, curls–there are plenty of female admirers out there! And, aside from that, I admire your “international” status. I can get around in several languages, but am not particularly FLUENT. This must change! Thanks.

    • Rogelio
      April 1, 2014 at 6:44 pm

      Hey AJ!

      Thanks for the good vibes. Even though this blog mainly caters to men (not that I’m sexist; it’s just my target audience), there is a healthy % of female visitors and Facebook fans too. I have also received a good number of emails from ladies who bought my first book, The Curly Hair Book, for their male family members/boyfriends/husbands and told me that they (ladies) ended up also reading the book and liked it! In the book, I throw in some self-development related to curly hair, as I have found out over the years that men with curly hair do indeed have issues with their curls, which is why seeing a guy with shoulder length long curly hair is extremely rare (some men can also get bullied for having long hair although I’ve never had a problem). I want to get the word out and reach out to as many curly dudes as possible and let them know that one’s hair can indeed be part of one’s image, whether you are a white male in France with wavy hair or a black male from Oklahoma with curly kinky hair.

      I’m very happy to hear of another Manly Curls female reader/cool cat, AJ! I lived in the Middle East and have quite a bit of a history with them although I can’t speak Arabic, outside of saying “Yallah, yallah habitbi”! I’m actually fully bilingual, so can always answer anything in Spanish (I actually get about 10% of questions related to Manly Curls in Spanish) or French (although don’t ask me to configure the verbs correctly in French!). Also lived in Dublin, and that’s actually quite a nice interesting nationality mix you have there!

      Keep in touch, AJ, and please feel free to ask any questions you’d like to hear from the male angle or just chat about curls here in the comments section of any article or at Facebook!


      P.S: If you post again, your comments will now go through and be visible instantly instead of being moderated as I have it by default for new commentators.

  3. Alvin
    July 20, 2012 at 1:44 am

    Oh sorry for all the questions man. I yet still have another one. So the no poo method washing on how I understand it by is using shampoo every other day but the days that I don’t use shampoo I still wash my hair with conditioner and put some leave-in as well, am I correct?

    • Rogelio
      July 24, 2012 at 5:18 pm

      Hi Alvin,


      You can skip the conditioner too and just do the Sebum Coating method on no shampoo days. It is open to trial and error, just introduce the no-shampoo days as outlined and the rest will pan out. If you have short to medium length hair, you can easily skip the conditioner on no-shampoo days, conditioners tend to have more of an emphasis when your curly hair is 6+ inches in length. Do use a conditioner on your shampoo days (after shampooing your hair).

      The leave-in can be used every day, especially if your hair is in the upper curl ranges (III-V).

      All the best.

  4. Alvin
    May 30, 2012 at 7:51 am

    Hey! I just read the article, thanks man. I have question Rogelio, What kind of shampoo and conditioner should i use?. I always switch and I’m not sure what to use.

    • Rogelio
      June 1, 2012 at 2:48 pm

      Hi Alvin,

      In terms of shampoo/conditioner to use, you have these options:

      1) Shampoo, either use a sulfate or non-sulfate shampoo. Give my article on how to shampoo a good read, it will teach you some things about this concept:

      Just decide what you want to use, sulfate or non-sulfate based. Avoid 2 in 1 shampoos or shampoos that are advertised to do anything other than cleaning your hair.

      2) Conditioners: choose one which is glycerin based (look for for a word starting with glyc- in the ingredient list). Then get one that had the suffix (ending) -cone in one of the ingredients list. No need to get too technical right now (what cones to use or if to use them), just do this for the time being.

      Also, switching shampoos/conditioners every so often is not needed and is a hair care myth. The only time you should change your shampoo/conditioner is if you are not happy with their results OR if you have develop an allergic reaction to them.

      Keep me updated on how you go along!

      All the best.

      • Alvin
        July 16, 2012 at 6:07 pm

        I just bought Garnier – Length & Strength. Both shampoo and conditioner. Do you think thats a wise choice?

        • Rogelio
          July 16, 2012 at 10:17 pm

          Hi Alvin,

          Yes that’s a good choice, just make sure that you read my shampoo article to know how to use it for your curly hair

          • Alvin
            July 19, 2012 at 12:56 am

            Also, I am using a leave in cond. everyday, but thing is that I workout from Mon to Friday, so I really don’t know if I should ditch the sulfate shampoo and buy a sulfate-free one and if I should use the leave in everyday. Thanks in advance.

          • Rogelio
            July 19, 2012 at 1:01 am

            Use the leave-in every day. Shampoo, up to you, but sulfate-free tends to be weaker in effects and you will have to use it more frequently.

            Don’t worry about the gym, unless you are rubbing your head against mats or the floor (then shampoo).

            All the best.

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