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At Manly Curls, we want to bring you inspiration on all levels. Today in our Curly Hair Men Talk series, we bring you a dude who has blended awesomeness in everything-lifestyle. Miguel is a dedicated bodybuilder with the looks, hair, attitude and an all-around cool cat.


Miguel is a bodybuilder with great curly hair who is constantly surrounded by hot chicks


Name: Miguel “Vtech” Valenzuela

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Hair Type: Type II

Introduce yourself!

I’m 23 years old, Filipino American by nature, Individualist by nurture. I fear tradition, people who always agree with me, social norms & small talk. I enjoy scientific methodology, creativity, internet humour and playing the devils advocate in discussion. I started growing my hair when I moved to Melbourne on a whim around two years ago with very little cash, and decided to save money by not getting a haircut. That’s the True story of how I started growing my hair; The story I like to tell people is that I’m the King of Pop, back from the dead, and started lifting weights, Hee Hee!


Miguel showing his muscular body and curly hair


How do you care for your hair?

I massage my scalp with my fingers and run through my hair with a wide toothed comb. Shampoo; even the “chemical free” brands tend to dry out my hair, so I use Lemon Juice to cleanse and a conditioner a few times a week. I pick a conditioner that doesn’t contain lavender or tea tree oil as recent clinical trials suggest the aforementioned extracts’ phytoestrogenic properties may disrupt regular sex-hormone production in males and with long term use: may lead to gynecomastia (man boobs) as documented in several unfortunate cases. It’s not concrete evidence, but either way; I don’t like the smell of lavender as it reminds me of teen pop music (filled with estrogen). (Editor’s Note: Damn, Miguel is just as nerdy as myself)

Weirdest hair moment?

Back in high school I let the girl sitting behind me hide her cheat sheet in my hair, I let her do it cause she was really cute, she looked like Christina Ricci from Casper. One time during an exam she lost her cheat sheet IN my hair. To this day, I have not found that cheat sheet.

Favorite hairstyle or haircut? A cross between The Crow and Ned Stark from Game of Thrones


Miguel is a bodybuilder with great long curly hair as a male


One tip for a better lifestyle: Live your life according to your own values, but don’t try to impose them on anyone.

Favorite place you have been to in the whole world

When I was young, my mom took me to this tucked away Christian-Vegetarian camp somewhere in the mountains of Muak-Lek Thailand. I’m not quite sure why I remember this place better than seeing the Great Wall of China, or Meeting Xena at Universal Studios. Could have been the lack of Iron, hey I dunno.

You have just built a time machine, what time period in history are you visiting?

27 A.D — which was around the time the historical “Jesus” began his ministry. I’d like to see how closely his actual life resembled his biography.

Casual or formal wear? Casual, I like comfortable shirts with no print. like a character from LOST.

For your shaving, razors or clippers? Razors.

One celebrity with a mane you are inspired by: Conan O’ Brien. Team Coco for life.

One celebrity you’d go dining with: Carey Mulligan. Her smile, Those eyes… Dat accent… I’d love to gaze into her soulful eyes and chat about things like condensation and small cats over a three star seafood dinner. Her role in Never Let Me Go made me cry manly tears.

One celebrity you’d punch in the face: Rick Santorum, because pious intolerance hurts.

Chuck Norris vs Batman. Who wins? After a brutal and bloody battle, Batman emerges victorious, he takes off his mask to reveal that he is Chuck Norris; because the only person who can beat Chuck Norris is Chuck Norris’s alter Ego: “Batman”

Gym or outdoors exercising? Gym for sure, I never liked sunlight for some reason.


Curly haired  male Miguel kissing a girl


One song for an enjoyable evening: Heaven or Hell by ES23 because an enjoyable evening to me is tearing it up in the gym to some angry Industrial music!

Manly Curls is… A place where us curly men can say to the straight haired population: “U mad cause our TCCH gene triggers our keratin helices to stick via the cysteine disulfide bond? Yea, u mad. (Editor’s Note: I’s totally mirin’ breh, no homo)

Final words? If you need me, I’m easy to find, I’m the dude with Curls in the Squat Rack. Subscribe to my Youtube channel for more shenanigans.

(Editor’s Note: Miguel is a natural bodybuilder who is a total inspiration for anyone wanting to build a great body and reap the benefits of hard work and having the right attitude towards life. He is the kind of guy who doesn’t fluff around with shenanigans, he just goes and does it and that’s the sort of style we dig here at Manly Curls. It is my honor to have Miguel joining our ranks and below you can find one of his training videos. You can also find him on his Facebook page)

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4 comments for “Curly Hair Men Talk – Miguel from Melbourne

  1. Vlad
    April 8, 2012 at 1:41 am

    Great interview. Miguel is a great example of how hard work pays off. I have been going to the gym for the last 3 months consistently and I am seeing the results already (not looking anything close to Miguel’s physique, of course). It was this site which inspired me to get in shape with your story some months ago Rogelio and I am glad to read how you keep putting up great sources of inspiration, be it hair, physique or lifestyle.

    Keep up the good work, big fan of this blog.

    • Rogelio
      April 8, 2012 at 6:04 pm

      Thanks for the kind words Vlad. I am glad that this blog has inspired you to get yourself in shape and take the right step for a better life.

      Feel free to shoot me an email if you need some fitness help.

      All the best.

  2. stewart
    April 5, 2012 at 11:32 pm

    oh snapp misc is in the house lol.. mirin’ brah, strong everything gjdm!

    • Rogelio
      April 8, 2012 at 6:06 pm

      We actually have quite a good portion of the Misc following this blog!

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