Bodyboarding – A Sport Not for the Faint-Hearted

Bodyboarding is one of Rogelio’s passions. A sport which goes with a beach lifestyle, bodyboarding involves riding waves, acrobatic maneuvers and bikini-clad women. Read ahead for an introduction to bodyboarding!


I love bodyboarding. I love this sport because it goes with my lifestyle: beach, exercise, sun, bikini-clad women, long curly hair and parties.

Yeah, why deny my hedonic needs. It is not the first time that I say that if I could live in a remote island with curly beauties Shakira and Beyonce, I’d be a happy man. Add in enough heavy weights and a barbell to release some more testosterone doing power cleans as well as a bodyboard, and all you have to tell me is where to go to sign the papers and I leave this same evening. Bly me! I might even stop blogging altogether as I hear Shakira likes her Waka Waka too much.

In all seriousness, I love bodyboarding.

Bodyboarding is a kickass sport that shares the same love for the waves as surfing does. Unlike surfing, however, bodyboarding involves the individual laying with his upper body flat on the board, as opposed to standing up as one would do on a surfboard. By laying flat on the bodyboard, one can execute a wide range of maneuvers when riding a wave, maneuvers which are inherently different to those executed in surfing. The bodyboarder (person bodyboarding) paddles to a chosen incoming wave with his arms and feet, gets on the wave, rides it, and then attempts to do all sort of acrobatic movements to entertain himself. It’s a lot of fun as you launch yourself into the air by using the strength of the breaking wave.


Rogelio bodyboarding in Oman with his curly hair

Yours truly bodyboarding in a remote location in Oman (Arabian Sea)


The fun about bodyboarding is that you can do cool maneuvers on the wave (such as spins, getting tubed or crazy corners) or do acrobatic stuff in the air such as rolls or air 360s. Bodyboarding requires the use of fins worn on the feet so as to help in propelling one through the water to catch a wave. Bodyboarding is classified as an extreme sport and you can see below why!



Damn freaking cool huh?

Now, many of you are probably thinking, but what about surfers, bodyboarders and surfers must not get along then? Well, you sure got that right. Luckily, different types of waves are better suited to each waveriding sport so within a same city or location, bodyboarders will use one beach and surfers another, according to the wave type (e.g. fast moving hollow waves tend to favour bodyboarders as it helps with the launching power for air acrobatics). However, there are times when bodyboarders and surfers have to share waves and things get along fine for the most part, although occasionally you’ll get the chance to catch a fight or two. Nothing serious, I have been to some rough beaches and fights are usually broken up in no time.


I have had the pleasure of bodyboarding in 5 different countries so far, from tropical-like beaches to cold as ice seas. This man with curly hair has also been bitten in one fin by a baby shark, almost died a couple of times falling off +10ft waves and spending a minute under the water gasping for air, had a huge-ass ray fish passing underneath him and once got trapped in a cliff due to miscalculating the rise of a tide after a bodyboarding session and had to sleep inside a cave. Good times I’ve had in the name of riding waves!


A cute baby with suspected curly hair dressed in a baby shark custome

Unfortunately, the baby shark that bit my fin wasn’t as cute or harmless as this one


Bodyboarding is an extreme sport which combines a love for exercise, acrobatics, a bit of a crazy head and an attraction to beaches with hot chicks in bikinis. It is a sport that is very welcoming but hard to master and one that is just about perfect to kill a sunny Saturday riding waves as if you were one of Poseidon’s siblings. Try it, you will be hooked right from the start, Manly Curls recommended!

All the best.


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2 comments for “Bodyboarding – A Sport Not for the Faint-Hearted

  1. Stewart
    June 15, 2012 at 5:04 am

    cool info, wasnt aware how extreme bodyboarding can be. sleeping inside a cave is about as manly as it gets!

    • Rogelio
      June 16, 2012 at 5:28 pm

      LOL yeah, we ended up leaving our bags inside the cave and continued bodyboarding well into the evening in total darkness. Now that I think about it, that wasnt a good idea as the time I got bitten by a shark was precisely in the evening when it was getting dark and close to that ” spot” (spot is the name for the beach/coastal area where you have good waves breaking). As I say, you need a bit of a “crazy head” to be a bodyboarder.

      Lova da sport, my man!!

      All the best

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