Justin Bieber Working Out – I Facepalm Me

Even celebrities get conned by flashy and fresh-smiled Personal Trainers. In this case, Justin Bieber and his PT show us how much of a joke the PT industry is. Rogelio gets jiggy with the Bieber!


Even celebrities, with all the money they have, don’t know any better. The other day, I came across a slide video on Youtube of Justin Bieber working out. Now before all of you start accusing me of having the Bieber Fever, I will tell you that I was looking for strength training videos (Olympic weightlifting, to be precise) and somehow I ended up watching Justin Bieber working out with his fresh-smiled Personal Trainer (PT). Yeah, I am sure you too have gone through those WTF moments in which you search for a specific video on Youtube and somehow end up watching a video highlighting Lady Gaga’s facial resemblance to the European Fire-Belly toad. It just happens.

Since Justin Bieber seems to have made a change in music genre from teenage pop to pseudo-alpha rap and RnB (he is actually not that bad of a rapper, surprisingly), I was keen to see how the man with the cutest side fringe would train in the gym. By the first minute of watching the video, however, I was facepalming myself like it was running out of style. I’d put the video here but it was a slide show and it also includes that Youtube WhatTheBuck guy who is almost as annoying as RayWilliamJohnson with his “I am not funny but my 12 year old audience loves me” attitude. I think of you guys first when I put a link up so, really, I rather save your eyes by not watching the video I had to endure.


The Justin Bieber working out meme with a facepalm


What made me want to gouge my eyes out was not the Justin Bieber himself but, rather, his Personal Trainer. You see, I have written a popular article on how to shop around for good Personal Trainers and it is a reality that about 95% of Personal Trainers are muppets who are only interested in their wallet and not in their client. Personal Trainers love putting their clients through silly, contortionist, useless and, sometimes, dangerous exercises to make the client believe that he/she (client) is getting a good workout. Of course, this is all a lot of bullshizzle because having to teach your client how to do useful exercises such as full squats, power cleans, push presses, pistol squats or romanian deadlifts is too much for your average Personal Trainer and he rather have the poor fellow (aka client) embarrassing himself in public punching the air with those plastic 2lbs dumbbells (seriously flashy Personal Trainer, why are you so obsessed with having your client do that silly exercise, why???).

I understand that celebrities are too busy to take their time to research what makes a good Personal Trainer or to check out my article on shopping around for a good PT but their image consultants or personal assistants should do the dirty job and at least get the poor guy or girl a decent PT. Sometimes we fall in the trap of gauging the quality of a product or service by its price but quality and price are not always positively correlated. Just watch the video below:


Unfortunately, the original video was removed and the only available video of the Bieber working out is posted by the WhatTheBuck dude. Simply mute the video as the guy commenting is as annoying as it comes.

As I said, the original video showed all of the workout exercises but the video was removed. You can Google Search the images of the whole workout although I will summarize it for you:

– Silly stretches which serve no purpose and actually put the Bieber in dangerous positions? Check.

– Medicine ball with the funny handles and the Bieber posing with it because the PT doesn’t know how to actually use one of those? Check.

– The Bieber doing wall squats for who-knows-what-the-funk the Personal Trainer is thinking? Check.

– The Bieber doing scapular rows (or so I hope that is what he was trying to do) inside a power cage and hanging from a loose Olympic barbell that can roll back and injure him as the PT smiles? Check.

– The Bieber displaying shoulder slouching which should be one of the first things a good PT should address before even thinking of the Bieber doing anything else? Check.

– The Bieber not doing any useful full body exercises which build some useful meat on his scrawny girly figure? Check.

– The Bieber using bad technique in all exercises he does while the PT smiles gently? Check.


Justin Bieber working out in the gym with his personal trainer


Hilarious? There is more to it.

Of course, upon digging a bit more, we actually get the name of the PT: Dolvett Quince, a fabulous Personal Trainer from Atlanta who recommends 30 repetitions of bodyweight quarter squats to women to sculp their thighs. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, that’s one of the Mickey Mouse gems spouted by the fresh-smiled Personal Trainer who really “cares” for his clients (click on my fitness myth debunking article to read how I debunk some of the myths populating the fitness industry).

With the kind of fitness nonsense that Dolvett Quince loves to spit out, he has also somehow managed to be the fitness coach on the Biggest Loser show, a pathetic show which humiliates and laughs at overweight men and women with extremely low self-esteem who are being supervised by “fitness experts” such as Dolvett Quince in their quest to losing weight. Seriously, it’s kind of sad that they allow flashy Personal Trainers who have as much of an idea on fitness as I do on the aforementioned European Fire-Belly toad to manage a pack of obese people on TV. Of course, my hat goes of to Mr. Quince for making the bucks as the fitness industry is very competitive and the same Mickey Mouse Personal Trainers would give an arm and a leg to be as popular as the guy is, so there, way to go, dude!

And just to show you that “fresh smiles” and Personal Trainers do indeed go hand in hand, I am posting below these lines the actual video of Dolvett Quince getting a…wait for it… A smile makeover!!!

That’s right fellow readers, flashy Personal Trainer with absolute minimal knowledge on fitness has to look the part and have the white smile of 1000 Colgate ads. It is ridiculous but, when you are charging the likes of Justin Bieber thousands of $ to have them doing stupid exercises as part of your hollistic Personal Training services, you might as well blind your client with your fresh and pure smile.

Absolute rubbish, as is the whole PT industry.

This whole Justin Bieber working out like a muppet with his flashy Personal Trainer is a great example which illustrates what I am trying to convey with these lines: the absurdity of the PT industry as a whole. I know phenomenal PTs and I am friends with a few whom I’d trust to deliver results but the industry is plagued with guys such as Mr. Quince who rely on image and connections to take advantage of gullible clients. From housewives to busy CEOs, men and women trying to get in better shape are constantly been scammed by Personal Trainers who rather have their clients busy trying to balance on an inflatable ball instead of teaching their clients good fitness habits and helping them achieve their objectives. Me seeing Justin Bieber getting conned by this PT is, just like when I saw Nicole Scherzinger doing her posing, what broke the camel’s back. You guys know by now my opinion on Personal Trainers but, really, I needed to get the word out there and warn you guys to treat PTs with a high degree of skepticism.

Anyway, I will be covering at some point the Justin Bieber workout routine (for shizzles and giggles). It is going to blow yer minds!

Stay tuned.

All the best, fellas.


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2 comments for “Justin Bieber Working Out – I Facepalm Me

  1. Rogelio
    July 3, 2012 at 3:23 pm

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for commenting. There are plenty of “good” personal trainers but unfortunately for every one of them, there are 10 bad ones.

    The common scenario is that many of those who use personal trainers to get in shape cannot tell good from bad. They are fooled into thinking that balancing on a ball while punching the air with dumbbells as the PT smiles and tells them to feel the pump will yield any fitness effect. Psychology is at play here, humans tend to fool themselves subconsciously to justify having paid a high price for something which doesn’t deliver results/doesn’t work; no one likes accepting they have wasted their money.

    I loved Alabama when I was there, will contact you if I’m ever around, hope you have access to an Olympic barbell and enough discs!

    All the best.

  2. Anthony
    June 30, 2012 at 2:29 pm

    Hilarious article and totally gets the point across, Rogelio. I’m a personal trainer (I like to think I’m one of the “good ones” LOL) and it amazes me how many terrible PTs actually get these sort of celebrities as clients. I guess it is connections and being in the right place at the right time.
    Kudos from Alabama, if you’re ever around, get in contact (my email is in the comment box).

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