Curly Hair Men Talk – C.KHiD from California

In our Curly Hair Men Talk series, we dig bringing you cool curly dudes from all walks of life. Today we have C.KHiD, a talented cool cat singer/entertainer who is on his way up into the music industry via his popular Youtube channel with over, check this out, 21 million views! Read below for his interesting views on hair and lifestyle:

Curly haired male CKHID with his hands up and braided kinks


Name: C.KHiD or C., whichever is cool.

Location: Greenville, South Carolina I was born and raised, more recently between Los Angeles, CA and Denver, CO.

Curl Type: Type V

Introduce yourself!

I’m the founder of the first Hip Hop fashion blog, and have worked in entertainment since age 17, officially. Just a blessed guy who’s 6″5 and my hair can grow as long as me if I want. Now, I do music and entertainment full-time thanks to Youtube partnering me and paying for my music & video content, hoping to take a career path similar to Will Smith & Jay-Z, combined with Reginald Lewis.

How do you care for your hair?

I used all organic products at first, twice per day. Mainly a blend of mango butter, rosemary, and coconut oil. I learned you can’t over do the usage however, trying to keep it too well oiled. Of course, I was just trying to make sure I had little to no breakage. The education from that, twice per day was enough. The late evening moisturization being the heavier of the two (just enough to see a very thin layer of oil in hand).

Olive oil shampoo and conditioner for washing. Though, recently I’ve found a Lime shampoo that’s awesome.

Asian Milk conditioner is all I use now and it’s more amazing than the organic blends I created myself. (Editor’s note: Keeping it naturally curly, my man!)


Curly haired male CKHID posing for a promotional picture for Youtube


Weirdest hair moment?

Every time I would look at a girls’ hair and know mine was better than hers. I learned then, your hair tells a lot about you.

Favorite hairstyle or haircut? All the ones girls would compliment me for LOL.

One tip for a better lifestyle: Stay away from fast foods, drink a lot of water, and stay around positive people. Stress kills a lot, especially your hair. (Editor’s note: 100% agreed!)

Favorite place you have been to:

Not even sure. I have a lot of favorites. San Jose, Costa Rica.. Los Angeles, CA…. Denver, CO…NYC.. Charlotte, NC… I can’t narrow it down to a favorite.

CKHID with his curly hair sported in a long length afro and his hand covering his mouth


You have just built a time machine, what time period in history are you visiting?

The future, just 10 years ahead. That way I can have some advantages in the present. Minority eras of the past were great but I feel their struggle is not something I would like to live. I mean, it would be cool to see the Negro league’s NY Cubans play or Martin Luther King Jr speak, but I’d like to have the opportunities of today.

Casual or formal wear?

Casual. People don’t show their true identity if you’re dressed formal all the time. I like for people to underestimate me, when they are swimming in my pond. I like for them to judge me for who I am without predictions of incentive values.

For your shaving, razors or clippers? Clippers & Trimmers. Razors mess with my designer skin.

One celebrity with a mane you are inspired by: Maxwell & Lenny Kravitz, hands down.

One celebrity you’d go dining with: 50 Cent

One celebrity you’d punch in the face: There’s nobody I want to punch in the face really. I dont know anyone up close like that.

Chuck Norris vs Batman. Who wins? Chuck Norris….. Does anybody really think Batman could outdo Walker Texas Ranger?!

Gym or outdoors exercising? Outdoors exercising as long as their is a basketball court. Nothing is better than fresh air activity.

One song for an enjoyable evening: C.KHiD – Get Grown ! ! !

Manly Curls is… Better than escaping from 2 Cheetahs after being sprayed with raw chicken scent!


CKHiD with a curly afro for his male's kinky hair and reading a newspaper


Final words?

Subscribe to me on YouTube to support the music and entertainment –

Get all my music downloads at

My favorite of the new songs for the 2012 Summer!

Editor’s Note: C.KHiD’s Youtube channel is definitively a channel to look out for. At Manly Curls we have no doubts our friend here will be up there pretty soon so, for now, remember the name C.KHiD and subscribe to his channel, he’s got our seal of approval! But before heading off to his channel, check one of his insignia songs below and don’t forget to Like/Tweet/G+/Link this post!)

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