The Curly Hair Book: Chapter 1 & Part I

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As I mentioned in my previous article, I want to put up here at Manly Curls the first chapter of my book The Curly Hair Book: Or How Men Can Now Rock Their Waves, Coils And Kinks. What I’m going to be doing is posting the chapter in parts as the first chapter itself is huge and contains the introduction to many of the important concepts that I later on develop in the book. Overall, I’ve made it fun to read as, after all, there’s no need to make this curly hair care thing a diva thing.
For what is worth, you can also read the first chapter of The Curly Hair Book on the book’s Amazon page (in THIS link).
Enjoy the read and, as usual, all the best!


Part I: The Story At The Barber

Just keep it short and tamed”, said the barber.

I had asked him what haircut he recommended outside of the usual buzzing of my curls.

Curly hair like yours is best kept tamed; it’s a big hassle to keep it looking good. So, you want a #2 or are you going with a #3 this time?” he asked as he prepared both guards while the hair clipper stood motionless on the cabinet in front of me.

I was sitting in the barber chair and looking at my half-inch curls in the mirror; they were to be gone in a few minutes. Paradoxically, I was tired of buzzing my curls all the time, yet I kept coming back for more. Same haircut, same hairstyle, same everything.

All right, let’s go with the usual, a #2 all around”, I replied, mumbling my words with a pessimistic voice as if I had lost some form of follicular battle.

Fast-forward to exactly 3 days later. It’s Thursday evening, and I am sitting on the sofa browsing channels on TV, bored out of my mind as the weather is bad outside and I don’t have anything better to do. It’s 2001, so we didn’t have Facebook or Twitter back in those days to entertain our spare time with.

I browse the channels without finding anything worth wasting my time on. I am about to call it quits when I notice a guy with blonde curls bouncing around on some silly talent show. I pause on this channel, intrigued by what my eyes are seeing. It is one of those talent TV shows in which people are chosen according to how good they can sing; hardly the stuff that I would otherwise consider dedicating even 10 seconds of my spare time to.

The blonde dude who caught my eyes is being interviewed after he had been selected to enrol the show. I don’t pay attention to what he is saying as he is being interviewed, nor do I care for that matter; I am just weirdly fascinated by his curly hair. His curls are about 2 inches in length, dark blonde, perfectly moulded to fit his head; his curly hair in awesome synergy with his style and image. I could not stop gazing at the TV screen.

One of my brothers comes along, sits on the other sofa and asks me to change the channel.

Why are you watching a cheesy show about people who claim to be singers?” he asked.

I just had a revelation”, I replied, this time with the brightest of eyes and as if I had discovered the truth to a deeply-hidden secret.

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