Kindle Tutorial – How to Read Amazon Books Without A Tablet

As a book author, Amazon is the place to be. The site reaches millions every month ready to purchase books for their tablets and in Amazon’s proprietary extension .mobi (this format being a huge mess for us authors to format right). When I was looking for venues to publish my book The Curly Hair Book, I looked at several but ultimately decided to go with Amazon because Amazon has been making an immense effort in weeding out the garbage books it once had as well as the books with spun or PLR content. Thus, if your book makes it into Amazon, you as a customer are assured that the book is at least what it says it is.

The main “issue” with Kindle books is that they are geared for Kindle tablets (made only by Amazon, guess who’s making business?). However, as of lately, Amazon has also been making a huge effort to allow Kindle books to be read by other devices that are not their Kindle tablets. This is awesome because, despite the Kindle Tablet’s low price, not everyone has a Kindle tablet nor wants one. Thus, so as to ensure that each one of you has the possibility to read my book, I have made a quick tutorial on how to read Kindle books if you don’t have a Kindle tablet.

Essentially, you can read Kindle tablets in:

  • Your PC/Laptop/Mac
  • Your phone (including Iphone and Blackberry)
  • Your Ipad and some other tablets

Cool news huh? I’ve actually tried reading my book on my Iphone, Ipad and Mac, and can attest that it does work perfectly.

Now, one thing Amazon hasn’t been putting a lot of effort into is in their user-friendly navigation, and, what’s worse, the navigation differs slightly depending on which country you are in and what Amazon portal you’re using. Just use common sense and the following instructions though, and you’ll be reading my book in less than 1 minute!

To begin with, access the page to my book on Amazon (on THIS link).

This is what you should be seeing on the right except for the word bubbles:

Tutorial on how to read Kindle without a tablet


  1. Click on FREE Kindle Reading Apps.
  2. If you are not logged into Amazon, then do it. If you don’t have an Amazon account yet, register one. Takes seconds.
  3. You will now be taken to a page that asks you for your reading device. Choose whatever it is that you want to read my book in.
  4. The software for your device will start downloading.
  5. Install the device.
  6. When installed, log into the software with the same account you use for Amazon (the software and your online Amazon account are linked).
  7. Now go back to my book’s page on Amazon; either click the links above again or look for “the curly hair book” in Amazon.
  8. You will now have on the right of the page a square saying “deliver to XXX”. I’ve been told by different customers that the wording is different on the .com and the sites. Still, it will say something along the lines of “deliver to XXX”, with XXX being your name and device you have the software installed on.
  9. Select the device and click on “Buy Now”.
  10. Once you buy the book, go to “Manage My Kindle” in “My Account”.
  11. The book will be there, waiting to be delivered. Right click and then click on “deliver to XXX” (again, XXX is your chosen device).
  12. Voila! You have The Curly Hair Book: Or How Men Can Now Rock Their Waves, Coils and Kinks ready to enjoy!

Seriously, Amazon needs to work a bit more on making this process easier. Overall, though, the process takes 3 minutes, and less than 1 minute if you already have the software installed.

Personally, the Kindle tablet is quite cool because it is made specifically to read book and you can store hundreds of books. Likewise, you can go on a book shopping spree at Amazon and buy yourself tons of books and have them in an instant ready to be read in your Kindle. In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Amazon makes a big % of their book sales through impulsive buyers lured by the low prices of the books and the instant availability.

I recommend the Kindle Paperwhite as it gives you great value if you want to start reading tons of Kindle books. If you’re in USA or outside of Europe, you can get the Kindle Paperwhite at a great price here in Amazon! If you’re in the UK or in Europe, you can get the Kindle Paperwhite at a great price here in Amazon!

Other cool things about Amazon is that you can read the first chapter of my book for free (simply click on the icon of the book cover in the Amazon page). I’m already posting the first chapter in parts here at Manly Curls (click for Part I & Part II) because I want you guys to know the whole story behind the book, what inspired me to write it and why I am so strong with my concepts and hair revolution.

Any questions, let them know below in the Comments section.

All the best.


P.S. if you’re interested in growing your curly hair or just in improving its texture and looks so you can own an impressive head of curls, then look no further and not only keep an eye out for more articles here at Manly Curls (subscribe!) but do also get my bestselling book specifically on curly hair for men, The Curly Hair Book! (click the link to see the book at Amazon)

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