Valentine’s Day – 3 Sporty Gadgets To Get Your Man

Rogelio recommends 3 sporty gadgets for men that are the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Forget about fancy dinners, chocolate boxes and nice flowers, get yourself and your significant other active with these gifts!


If there’s anything that we know occurs on the 14th February, it is that a lot of monetary transactions occur on this supposedly-romantic day. Expensive dinners, fattening bonbons, colourful flowers; you name it, it will be bought and will happen during Valentine’s Day. At Manly Curls, I don’t like giving you, my dear reader, cookie-cutter solutions that the likes of Cosmopolitan and Men’s Health love to entertain their readers with: if last year I gave you 8 cool tips for Valentine’s Day, in this just-starting 2013 year I will give you 3 sporty (and cool) gadgets to get your man for the 14th February. And before you start wondering if I’ve gone loco writing an article that recommends gadgets for women to get for their men, I’ll tell you that Manly Curls has a strong female following, so this article is geared towards your wife, girlfriend or shag-buddy so as to get her to buy you some cool stuff for Valentine’s Day (you’re welcome), so send the lady of your life this article if you are a male; the recommended gadgets will definitively be worth your owning.

Now, instead of recommending you fancy places to go to on Valentine’s Day, I’d rather recommend you 3 sporty gadgets to purchase that will improve a man’s physique greatly. If you don’t know what a stronger and stamina-full male body is capable of doing, then I recommend you to google Rocco Sifredi and enjoy a video or two of his performances (not safe for work). Do also continue reading this article if you are a male and are just interested in getting yourself some home gadgets to improve your physique and you could not give a cent about Valentine’ Day (personally, I too think it’s just a silly day). For what is worth, all recommended gadgets are purchased via Amazon, which is not only a secure form of buying online but also a convenient form of getting your gadgets without having to visit stores.

Let’s get started.

A box of chocolates ready for Valentine Day

Oh, for crying out loud, don’t be so predictable!

For Valentine’s Day, get your man a bodyboard

I love bodyboarding. Heck, I even wrote an article about bodyboarding here at Manly Curls. For those unaware, bodyboarding is a waveriding sport that involves one laying flat on a board (for the most part) and doing acrobatic maneuvers on the wave. Or, in other words, bodyboarding is like surfing but done laying flat on a board instead of standing up on a board.

This could be you soon!

Bodyboarding burns a lot of calories and will build your shoulders and arms. It is also a lot of fun and is not difficult to do. If you live close to the coast, you should own a bodyboard, if anything because bodyboarding is a healthy and enjoyable hobby with which to kill some time on weekends. Make sure to buy yourself the whole set as per the 5 gadgets below (bodyboard plus rest of equipment).


For Valentine’s Day, get your man a full Olympic barbell set

Squats, presses and deadlifts; that’s what the fitness industry should be encouraging and not stupid bicep curl exercises promoted by steroid-gulping divas. If you want your man (or yourself) to have a healthy and strong body, you must do compound exercises that work the body as a whole. Personally, one of the best gifts a woman could give to his man is an Olympic barbell set because the barbell and weights will stay there with him for the rest of his life and strength training is the most rewarding form of exercise to achieve a healthy body.

You don’t need to build a home gym or dedicate your entire backyard to own a full Olympic barbell set; a mere 10ftx10ft area will suffice. Thus, you can have the full Olympic barbell set in your garage, garden or even in a room inside the house. If you’re going to have buy the full Olympic barbell set below, make sure that you read the strength training and fitness sections of Manly Curls, especially the Front Squat tutorial, Power Clean tutorial, Clean and Press tutorial, One Arm Snatch tutorial and my Manly Strength program (which suits the full Olympic barbell set 100%).

The full set is comprised of the single pieces of equipment found below (barbell set, bench station, squat stands, dumbbell set and weightlifting belt).


For Valentine’s Day, get your man a Ping Pong table

Also known as table tennis, Ping Pong is a super-entertaining sport that will have you and your man spend many fun evenings together. It is a very easy sport to pick up (unlike conventional tennis) and you don’t need to have tremendous technique to play, just swinging your arm will do.

Having a Ping Pong table at home is a must for those who already have a family at home (i.e. kids) or who are planning to start a family. A Ping Pong table is the active home alternative to a TV set, and I highly recommend it for those ladies (and men) who want to kill some time with their significant other while burning calories and having lots of laughs.


That’s it. If you’re a lady, then get your man one of these sporty gadgets for Valentine’s Day; he will certainly appreciate any of them. If you’re a guy, either send this article to your wife or girlfriend (or sugar mommy), or get one of these 3 gadgets for yourself and to hell with Valentine’s Day!

All the best.


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