The Curly Hair Book: Chapter 1 & Part VI

This is Part VI of the first chapter preview of my bestselling book, The Curly Hair Book: Or How Men Can Now Rock Their Waves, Coils And Kinks. This part talks about my awesome mane concept and how it is related to us dudes with waves, coils and kinks; well worth the read as this is the foundation f the book which I then co on to developed throughout the 220+ pages of The Curly Hair Book.

Enjoy it and remember that you can now buy The Curly Hair Book as a paperback too!

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The Awesome Mane concept

An awesome mane is not just about having great-looking curly hair. An awesome mane is curly hair that has been taken beyond mediocrity and that symbolises a positive attitude to oneself and to one’s overall life. The Awesome Mane concept digs into the core of a male’s need to better himself in order to maximise his potential. It rehashes the perspective of curly hair from that of a seemingly trivial and negative trait to that of a valuable asset that is an integral piece of the puzzle that makes you as a male, with this puzzle being, what I call, the self-puzzle.

An awesome mane carries an attitude that defies conventional notions and that is strong and solid in its foundation. An awesome mane implies embracing what you have, not looking for excuses, and making the most of that which you were born with. An awesome mane is just one more piece of the overall puzzle that constructs your identity (i.e. your self-puzzle).

At its core, an awesome mane has a physical part and a mental part that need to be addressed concomitantly:

  1. Physical part: the hair-specific aspects relating to grooming and caring that will yield the cosmetic benefits and the great-looking hair.
  2. Mental part: the attitude and lifestyle aspects relating to taking positive action with regards to one’s hair and using the achievement of great hair as a way to maximise one’s potential as a male.

    Figure 1 – The 2 parts to an awesome mane

Table from the curly hair book foor men with wavy, kinky, afro and coiled hair

All of this is what distinguishes an awesome mane, as trivial as it may be, as a symbol of success and achievement. Sure, having an awesome mane entails having a great-looking mane of curls atop your head, but there is also an attitude and an approach required to having a great-looking curly mane as a modern male living in a society that wants gullible and opiated sheep, yet is in dire need of men who can think for themselves. Thus, in this book, you will not only find the part pertaining to all there is to achieving a great set of curls but you will also find the part that develops and ingrains the positive and strong mentality needed to achieve and own an awesome mane.

From the first day that I decided to get myself an awesome mane, I knew that I needed a change in attitude to my hair and even life. We, modern males, have lost our need to be leaders and thinkers, character traits that were once essential to thrive in this world. Our modern jobs require us to be docile and to adhere to what we are ordered to do. At home, we have a TV brainwashing us to imitate other people and buy stuff that we don’t need. We go online and have, at the click of a button, a whole second world in which to lose ourselves, all while we happily conform to a life of monotony and obedience. Instead of coming up with our own principles, we take the principles and life attitudes thrown at us by trendy films, flashy magazines and even bar talk. Due to our exposure in today’s society to so many conforming messages and submissive lures, we carry the same passive attitude to everything in our lives, including our curly hair.

To achieve your awesome mane, you have to be a man. A man of principles, beliefs and determination. A man who embraces what he has and who always goes with what he deems best after having evaluated it thoroughly. In essence, you must address your awesome mane as part of the territory of being a man and not a pseudo male as society wants us to be.

An awesome mane will instantly improve your looks and image, which in turn will give you more self-confidence, and the self-confidence achieved will ultimately better your life. In fact, by starting with your awesome mane and realising the benefit of making the most of what you have, you will be able to apply the same self-embracing concept and attitude of an awesome mane to the rest of your life. By addressing and improving the smallest pieces of your self-puzzle, such as your hair, you will be able to see how you can use the improving of these trivial pieces as potential tools to maximise your self-confidence and self-belief. This constant self-actualising emphasis will allow you to enjoy the confidence carryover that constantly improving yourself will have on your life.

When you get to experience for yourself the immense carryover obtained by achieving your awesome mane, you will be able to become inspired and motivated to work on improving the rest of your physique, your social skills, your personal relations, your health and the other facets and elements of your personal existence, which once bettered will lead to a progressive enhancement of your self-puzzle and life. I want you to regard the pursuit of your awesome mane as a life-enriching goal that, once achieved, will help you to become an overall better man.

An awesome mane is not determined by a specific hair length or curl type. Any men can have an awesome mane: a guy with wavy hair, kinky hair, long hair, short hair or even a balding head. The concept of an awesome mane is all about making the most of your curls regardless of length, type, form or quantity. You embrace what is unique to you, and you do something positive about it. Simple.

Thus, the goal for you is to embark on a journey to achieve your awesome mane, and you will have concluded this journey when you are finally happy with your hair. There are no objective markers or sets of measures that define the achievement of your awesome mane; this is not a competition, nor is this a business plan to show to a company’s board of directors. This is a goal you set yourself to achieve because you want to make the most of your curly hair; once you are happy with how your hair looks and with how it has been customised to your self-puzzle, you will have then accomplished your awesome mane. Nothing more, nothing less.

In the many pages that are to come, I bring you the knowledge, inspiration, motivation and attitude needed to achieve your own awesome mane; ultimately, however, it will be you who finishes the journey and achieves the goal of an awesome mane, going on to add yet another success to your life.

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