Things a Curly Male Can Learn from a Curly Dog

Rogelio talks about some interesting facts about hair care for curly dogs and how they resemble the hair care and grooming of a male with waves, coils or kinks for curly hair!

Things a Curly Male Can Learn from a Curly Dog

So the other day I came across a photo of a curly haired dog and thought to myself, “I wonder what the dog’s grooming must be like and if it relates to the grooming that I talk about in The Curly Hair Book?“. So lo and behold, 30 seconds later I was on Wikipedia searching for dogs with curly hair, most specifically, the Spanish Water Dog (Perro de Aguas).

Picture of a perro de agua dog with curly hairI swear this dog has my same curl type!

I wasn’t surprised that the grooming for this dog breed is very similar to the hair grooming for curly haired men, since hair is just hair, and both hair in humans and dogs is biologically inert. Here is some of the grooming advice found for curly haired dogs that parallels the advice for curly haired men:

  • The hair should never be brushed (i.e. don’t use a hair brush).
  • The hair should be routinely inspected for matted hair or knots.
  • Curly hair comes in different types but the hair never grows straight.
  • Use a specific shampoo that isn’t overly drying.
  • The hair should be allowed to air dry, not towel dried.
  • The coat should not be clipped for aesthetic purposes (similar to how a male with curly hair should not be too hairstyle driven)
  • Ingestion of cod liver oil is recommended for better curly hair.

If you go through The Curly Hair Book: Or How Men Can Now Rock Their Waves, Coils And Kinks, all of the advice for curly dogs found above will ring quite a bell. In the book, I talk about how a curly haired male should have an open mind in terms of the grooming of his waves, coils or kinks, and, going by the above, we certainly can learn something about the caring of our curls!

All the best.


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1 comment for “Things a Curly Male Can Learn from a Curly Dog

  1. Nikki Jeanette
    August 8, 2014 at 5:46 am

    I love your website! Great tip about the Cod Liver Oil. This is coming from a kinky curly haired African American woman.

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