Ask Rogelio – Metro Mullet & Cristiano Ronaldo

A Manly Curls’ reader asks about Cristiano Ronaldo’s Metro Mullet and the option of having a curly mullet done as part of a hairstyle. Check out Rogelio’s answer!

Hi Rogelio,

Thanks for your great site! Mullet question, could you please help me – I am 32, at this moment my hair is to my shoulders, naturally type 1 to 2, just slightly thinning on top, and long thin sideburns, kind of stereotypical artist hair.

A few years ago I decided to change things up completely with a mullet after I saw every guy had one on a trip through Europe. I wanted my hair really curly so had my hair permed, which was hilariously awkward to ask for when I made the appt, I had it longer pulled back type 2 on top, and long 3+ in back, with cleaned up sides above the ears, grew a chinstrap, changed my wardrobe from carpenter jeans and a t-shirt to skinny jeans and tank top, and got my ears pierced. It was strangely awesome but I grew to totally love how I looked!

Somehow I got back to boring so before I lose more hair, and while I am still young, I want to liven things up again with a fun but decent mullet. Thought about the Christiano Ronaldo mullet you describe here which is how I found your site. To be different, here is what I am thinking: short undercut sides, longer top slicked straight back transitioning to long permed super curly in back below ears, grow the chinstrap again and get a labret piercing for a db/edgy effect. Do you think this will look cool? Or what do you suggest for a credible and modern mullet type hair with the type 3 curls in back that I have my heart set on having again?




Hi Dave,

I’m glad you like my site and are considering a mullet. The Metro Mullet is pretty cool, and I think it would suit you as it’s a modern hairstyle that is trendy in Europe. In fact, what you probably saw during your trip to Europe were the variants of the Metro Mullet (with the mullet varying in length) that I’ve specially seen in Spain and Italy (European countries where this hairstyle is most popular in).

If your hair is currently short, getting a curly mullet (if your hair isn’t a III/IV curl type) will be difficult as you need to have a long-enough length (4+ inches) to be able to successfully perm the hair, so it is best you grow your hair on that particular section if it isn’t at that length just yet.

If you want to have two curl types on your hair, I’d do it the other way around: have the top of the head curlier than the bottom (i.e. mullet section less curly). This is because very curly hair is difficult to style, which means that you can potentially end up with a ball of hair on the mullet (plus the mullet gets a lot of wear and tear from rubbing it against the pillow from sleep). Cristiano Ronaldo used to straighten the mullet section, which is key if you want to emulate his looks. I’d really recommend the option of curly on top, less curly on the mullet; if anything due to convenience.

Give the idea you have in mind a try first with your natural hair, then perm whichever part you want (i.e. top or mullet). By perming the hair you are modifying it, and (structurally) modifying one’s hair should be the last of options when it comes to having hairstyle as it automatically limits your array of day-to-day hairstyles.

Feel free to let me know what you think or how you proceed, Dave!.

All the best.


P.S Below is a compilation of his skills while at Real Madrid; you do get some glimpses of Ronaldo’s Metro Mullet as this has been his favorite hairstyle (together with the Faux Hawk) while at the Spanish soccer team.

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2 comments for “Ask Rogelio – Metro Mullet & Cristiano Ronaldo

  1. Dave
    April 6, 2013 at 8:44 am

    Hi Rogelio,

    I posted to your your site a few weeks ago about the Cristiano Ronaldo mullet. I appreciate your insight. As requested, here is how the curly mullet turned out, let me know what you think of the “manly curls”

    before with natural curls
    after perm

    I made an appointment next week to have the hair on top shortened and sides buzzed, then a labret piercing to go with the chinstrap beard I’m growing to complete the modern suburban redneck look.

    Thanks for your great website!


    • Rogelio
      April 7, 2013 at 4:37 am


      I don’t know if you haven’t realized, but I actually picked your question to answer it in my Ask Rogelio section. In fact, this article that you have commented on is the actual article I dedicated to answering your enquiry. I also commented back on the other Cristiano Ronaldo Metro Mullet hairstyle article directing you to this article.

      Perm looking awesomely tight buddy! Digging it as well as the curls. Definitively, get the Metro Mullet, it will look great. Do a tapered #2 on the sides so that when the sides reach the top, you smooth out the edge (between the top and sides). The top, cut it say 1 inch shorter as well as the upper part of the back, tapering up in length until it hits the coils in the mullet. Having said this, get the hairdresser to first trim only 0.5 inches on the top/upper section of the back and see how it looks, if not happy, then hit an extra 0.5 inches to make a full 1 inch removed from the top and upper secion of the back. Get him to make a smooth transition to the mullet.

      I’d leave the mullet to be up to ear-lobe level; that is, enaything below ear-lobe level should not be trimmed as that is what will comprise your mullet.

      Absolutely do keep me updated Dave, throw in your pics in the comments section here again for me and the rest of my readers to get some inspiration.


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