Black Men Haircuts – Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz has sported some epic black men hairstyles throughout his career which have required equally epic haircuts. Check out the haircuts for the Afro, Buzz Cut and dreadlocks as per the rock star himself!

Lenny Kravitz is the epitome of black men haircuts. Not only have I previously featured him on my site in the past but I have also used him as a male reference in The Curly Hair Book. This comes as no surprise though since Lenny Kravitz is quite the chameleon in terms of haircuts and hairstyles for black men due to his music career. This is why I’d like to use him as illustration for 3 common black men haircuts: the Afro, the Buzz Cut and dreadlocks.

Black Men Haircuts – Afro

The Afro could be argued as the everest of hairstyles for a black male, for it is both quite the aesthetic hairstyle and also has a history behind it. It is imperative to get the right haircut for your Afro (or if you’re considering getting an Afro), since not having the right shape to accommodate the kinky hair can result in not achieving mane awesomeness, as I like to call curly hair that looks epic.

The haircut for the Afro should emphasize an even length and shape all around the head; because of the ability of curly hair to look different when wet (especially kinky hair/Type V curls), the Afro must be trimmed and shaped when it is dry, otherwise a haircut disaster is bound to occur. The only parts of the scalp that don’t need to maintain the stipulated even length will be the sideburns, which can be buzzed to a #1 or #2 and even be blended in with any facial hair. If you’re growing from a Teenie-Weenie Afro (TWA), then the same even-length emphasis all around prevails (as you grow your mane).

Lenny Kravitz with a typical black men haircut.

Lenny Kravitz and his epic Afro!

Black Men Haircuts – Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut is a term that I use in The Curly Hair Book for one of the two ways in which curly haired men shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to doing something about their waves, coils and kinks. As it goes, most curly men choose a Buzz Cut as their go-to haircut because the Buzz Cut offers a venue through which to forget about their shapely manes. Having said that, the Buzz Cut need not necessarily imply a negative connotation so long as it is chosen out of many haircuts/hairstyles possible and is not instead chosen out of not knowing what else to do with one’s curls. For black men, the Buzz Cut offers a rapid and low-maintenance haircut that has too been worn by Lenny Kravitz throughout his career.

Lenny Kravitz with a typical black men haircut

If you want to get a Buzz Cut haircut, then my advice is to buy yourself a hair clipper and give yourself this haircut. The premise to the Buzz Cut is very simple: keep the same guard length all around the scalp, including sideburns. The lengths that encompass the Buzz Cut are #1 to #4 in guard lengths, or 1/4 to 1/2 in inches. Grab the hair clipper and, using the mirror, clip (i.e. buzz) your scalp all around; once you get the hang of it, you will be able to give yourself a Buzz Cut in a few minutes and at least once every two weeks.

Lenny Kravitz with his hair buzzed and very shortLenny Kravitz looking cool with a Buzz Cut

Black Men Haircuts – Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks as a hairstyle is worth a single specific article, so in this article I will only cover their specific haircut for it. Because dreadlocks require a very long hair length to achieve the final look, I will cover the two types of haircuts that you should be giving yourself for dreadlocks.

Haircut while growing the dreadlocks

With dreadlocks, it is best that you completely avoid haircuts, instead focusing on the locking process. You may get some very small trims as part of correcting any length deviations that you didn’t catch when the dreads were shorter, but, other than that, I highly recommend you to not get a haircut for your dreadlocks until you achieve the final length.

Haircut for the final dreadlock look

The cool thing about dreadlocks is that they get to hang down much easier than kinky hair alone while expressing less hair volume, which means that you will be able to select any final look you may so desire. I recommend you a layered haircut for your dreadlocks by which the locks growing on the front top of your head are continuously trimmed to remain at about nose length (or less) while the rest of your hair is at shoulder length. This gives a pretty cool haircut and look, as you can see from the picture below of Lenny Kravitz with dreadlocks.

Lenny Kravitz with long length dreadlocks

Lenny Kravitz in 1990 wearing a cool shoulder-length dreadlock hairstyle

All in all, Lenny Kravitz serves as the perfect male illustration for 3 common haircuts for black men. Just like I emphasize in The Curly Hair Book, aim to find the right barber or hairdresser as doing so will make a world of a difference and allow you to be as chameleonic in terms of haircuts as Lenny Kravitz himself!

All the best.

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