Hair Dryers For Men – How to Blow Dry Your Hair

This is a men’s hair tutorial on how to use a hair dryer whether you have curly or straight hair. Also known as blow dryers, hair dryers are not difficult to use provide you follow certain guidelines. This is Part 1 of the tutorial

Hair Dryer Tutorial For Men

A hair dryer (aka blow dryer) is an excellent tool to have in your mane arsenal if you’re serious about sporting as many men’s hairstyles as possible. However, using a hair dryer (i.e. to “blow-dry” the hair) must be done with care because improper blow drying as well as too-frequent use of a hair dryer can irreversibly damage your hair. Hair dryers rely on the expelling of hot air to work their fast-drying magic, and excessive heat, be it from hair dryers or hair straighteners, will damage your hair. I have covered the use of a hair dryer in both my books, The Men’s Hair Book and The Curly Hair Book, as I’m well aware of how useful these hairstyling gadgets are for men.

Picture of a blow dryer for a tutorial for men on how to use a hair dryer

Using a hair dryer on the different segments of your scalp

When using a hair dryer, you should work on a segment of the head at a time. That is, you should blow-dry the hairs found on a particular segment of your head before moving on to the next segment of your head. Overall, there are 6 segments of your head where the scalp is found that you should take into account when blow drying your hair:

  1. The front of the top of your head (where the forehead’s hairline is found)
  2. The center of the top of your head
  3. The back of the top of your head (aka crown or vertex)
  4. Each side of your head (each one counts as an individual segment)
  5. The back of your head (from the crown all the way down to the nape)

Taking into account the above 6 segments, your goal is to go segment by segment when using a hair dryer to blow dry your hair. You can choose any order that you want although the order in which the segments have been listed above (from 1 to 5) is one that works very well and follows the contour of your head. Because of the size of each scalp segment, you will find that you have to aim the hair dryer a couple of times on the segment so as to be able to blow-dry its entirety; this is absolutely fine, and you should use a 3-5-second count per aimed part of the segment.

Concentrating the expelled air from the hair dryer for longer than 5 seconds will do more bad than good, so keep it to less than 5 seconds per aimed part of a given segment (or “shot”, as I like to call each aimed part). Likewise, ensure that your hair is damp, not wet, prior to blow drying the hair; wet hair (dripping water) will be damaged with much more ease than damp hair, and you also run the risk of electrocuting yourself if your hair is dripping water.

Clipping a diffuser to the hair dryer

I recommend you to clip a diffuser to the hair dryer so that the blow drying occurs over a larger area as opposed to the more-concentrated blow drying that occurs without a diffuser. The diffuser goes a long way in preventing damage to your hair by distributing the blown air over a larger area, thus a diffuser is a must if you want to be using a hair dryer more frequently than infrequently. Likewise, diffusers work best when you use your hair dryer to simply speed up the drying of your hair (i.e. after the hair has been coated in hairstyling products); diffusers don’t work as well when used to enhance a hairstyle. Thus, if amplifying your hairstyle is what you want done (such as when wanting to puff out your hair), then don’t clip the diffuser, but ensure that you do not fully dry the hair unintentionally due to the drying-power that a hair dryer with no clipped diffuser has.

Most hair dryers come with a diffuser and, if a particular one doesn’t come with it own diffuser in the package, you can buy the diffuser as a single piece for your particular hair dryer model or brand; they are not expensive, anyway.

A hair dryer to blow dry hair with a diffuser clipped inA hair dryer with a diffuser clipped to it (the funnel-like shape clipped at the end of the hair dryer)


Use the lowest temperature in the hair dryer’s settings

To blow dry your hair, use the lowest temperature in the settings that you can get away with; what this means is that you should be using the coldest temperature that the hair dryer blows air at and which still brings a benefit for your blow-drying efforts. The hotter the temperature that you expose your hair with, the higher your chances of damaging your locks, so always err on the side of caution when it comes to setting the temperature of your hairstyling gadgets (including hair dryers).

You should never blow dry your hair so much that your hair is fully dried and left with no moisture (i.e. dampness). Not only will fully drying your hair with the hair dryer mean that you have exposed your hair to too much heat but doing so will also lead to epic disasters in terms of the aesthetics of your chosen hairstyle, with your hair looking like tumbleweed too. You should leave a small amount of dampness left in the hair when blow drying it, enough so that the hair looks a tad damp from what your hair would otherwise look after air-drying after a couple of hours.

This is Part 1 of this tutorial on how to to user hair dryers, here’s Part 2 of this tutorial where I go over further guidelines on how to user hair dryers as well as which ones to buy. If you dig this tutorial so far and want to know more about finally getting your curls looking great, then subscribe to our free Newsletter and check out my bestselling book on Amazon, The Curly Hair Book: Or How Men Can Now Rock Their Waves, Coils And Kinks!

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    Hello Rogelio, i would like to ask you if it damages hair if i take hair dryer and extend hand as much as possible from head, so only a warm air will reach my hair instead of hot air. So, can I do it in this way or should i buy a more expensive hair dryer ? Thanks for advice :)

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