How I Trolled Joan Rivers with The Curly Hair Book

So, I wake up today all pumped up ‘cos the paperback of The Men’s Hair Book is ready to be available on paperback. I first logged though into my Kindle account and decided to first check my stats for The Curly Hair Book.

Well, well, what do I see?

My book, The Curly Hair Book: Or How Men Can Now Rock Their Waves, Coils And Kinks, is number 12 in the highly competitive Men’s Grooming & Style category for, check this, ALL BOOKS! What this means is that my book, just on Kindle alone, has taken over the rest of books that sell not only as a Kindle but as paperback/hardcover too!

You what, Rogelio? What you on about, mate?

Gentlemen, the paperback version of a book typically sells approximately 5 to 10 times more than the Kindle version; however, my book just on Kindle alone had to fight its way against the sales of the other books combined (Kindle/paperback/hardcover) to get to number 12 in the rankings.

The Curly Hair Book is ranking good on Amazon


Man, am I happy today. I recently pulled out the paperback version of The Curly Hair Book in preparation for the launch of the paperback version of The Men’s Hair Book, which is why, for a couple of days, if you went to the Amazon page of the book you could not see the paperback available. Thus, right until today, The Curly Hair Book has been selling on Kindle alone, and doing very well!

But, wait there’s more to the good news. This:

Joan Rivers's book criticism from Rogelio

LOL, is this real life? As if you knew what I like, you retouched, air-bushed, Photoshopped and surgeried intent of a 25 year old virgin

Dear Joan Rivers, it’s funny you call us stupid when you yourself still think you can pass for a 25 year old and can’t even see that 98% of anyone who’s heard about you takes you for a Mickey-Mouse celebrity. So, from a proud male who has written a book for men, I give you this:

 Cristicism of Joan Rivers by surpassing in rankings with The Curly Hair Book

Sorry for the bad image positioning, I just took screencaps and posted them in the same image. Joan Rivers. book is so below mine that it doesn’t fit in one single screen capture hihihi


I can tell you right now that surpassing Joan Rivers with my book, a book for men that talks about curly hair and that was only being sold as a Kindle, feels just as good as being number 12 in the Men’s Grooming & Style category for all books (paperback/Kindle) included.

Of course, this would not be possible if it wasn’t for those of you who read Manly Curls and who enjoy my shenanigans and all that stuff. From here, I want to thank ALL of you who have bought my books (The Curly Hair Book or The Men’s Hair Book) and also thank those who haven’t bought my book but still read me or who are reading this post as their first Manly Curls experience. Really, thank you folks and folkettes!

Do bear in mind, however, that the rankings on a book’s category do fluctuate and the next day you can easily drop 10-20 positions, which means Joan Rivers can kick my derriere come tomorrow (and I’ll happily accept it considering our disparity in public-presence magnitude). However, I hope that together we can spread the word out and inspire others, which is/was the main reason for The Curly Hair Book.

And before finishing, please note that from today the paperback version of The Curly Hair Book is back and rocking it on Amazon and, what’s more, the paperback version of my recently published The Men’s Hair Book is also available now! The Men’s Hair Book has been topping the charts too and only as a Kindle (it temporarily reached to one position below Joan Rivers’s book and just after 1 week being out).

As of today, you can grab any of my 2 books as paperback, but please read the launching post on The Men’s Hair Book prior to purchasing it, for both books crossover and I’ve made it so that, if you already own one of my books, you don’t have to buy the other.

Thanks again folks, let’s keep on pushing with out revolution, cool cats!

All the best.


P.S: here are the links to buy any of the 2 books. Just click on the link and fro there you can choose which version to purchase (Kindle or paperback).

The Curly Hair Book

The Men’s Hair Book

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