The Men’s Hair Book: A Male’s Guide To Hair Care, Hair Styles, Hair Grooming, Hair Products and Rocking It All Without The Baloney

Oops, I did it again….


Cover for The Men's Hair Book: A Male's Guide To Hair Care, Hair Styles, Hair Grooming, Hair Products and Rocking It All Without The Baloney

That’s right, I wrote and published a second hair book. An awesomely too-cool-for-school men’s hair book that goes by the incredibly long name of The Men’s Hair Book: A Male’s Guide To Hair Care, Hair Styles, Hair Grooming, Hair Products and Rocking It All Without The Baloney. I think the last word “baloney” seals the deal, right?

Just like The Curly Hair Book (my first book), The Men’s Hair Book has also been a long-term project of mine; in fact, for quite a time I was writing both of them at the same time and it was quite the ordeal to switch my brain from the Curly Hair Type Guide and the other hair-type guide that I develop in this second book. With The Men’s Hair Book, I’ve wanted to provide a single-unit knowledge resource for all the hair types that wasn’t specific to just curly hair as “The Curly Hair Book” was. Furthermore, this second book of mine provides a more-thorough detailing of the management of hair and I delve into the more technical hair-related knowledge that I have accumulated in all these years.

Difference between The Curly Hair Book and The Men’s Hair Book

Compared to The Curly Hair Book, The Men’s Hair Book is a tad more technical albeit written with the same funk and personal style of mine that you find here at Manly Curls and in The Curly Hair Book. The Men’s Hair Book covers a wider range of hair scenarios than those found in The Curly Hair Book, for I include straight hair and I also expand on the hair loss and growing-hair-long scenarios in The Men’s Hair Book (among other hair scenarios). Likewise, I use another of my hair-typing guides in “The Men’s Hair Book”, which includes straight hair too.

The Curly Hair Book is a hair book with a strong emphasis on the mental aspect of being proud of one’s (curly) hair and using one’s hair as a self-developing tool. The Men’s Hair Book, on the other hand, is a more-detailed hair book without the emphasis on the mental part, and it is about 20 pages longer than The Curly Hair Book too.

If you have already purchased The Curly Hair Book, there’s no need for you to to buy The Men’s Hair Book as the hair-management foundation that I’ve developed through the years is explained in both books and I’ve readapted some of the content from The Curly Hair Book into The Men’s Hair Book. If, on the other hand, you’ve yet to buy any of my hair books and would like to do some entertaining reading while learning about your hair, then this is your time to be among the first to grab The Men’s Hair Book. And I say the first because I made the first book’s announcement yesterday and the book is already topping the charts for the Beauty & Grooming category in Amazon bookstore. If you ain’t a subscriber to the (free) newsletter that updates you weekly on the cool Manly Curls content, then you are missing out on gems such as me giving away free review copies of my book and you getting to be the first to hear about my (literary) shenanigans.

The Curly Hair Book: Or How Men Can Now Rock Their Waves, Coils and Kinks

Where can I buy The Men’s Hair Book?

Over at Amazon. The book is both in Kindle and paperback, although the paperback will be available in a couple of days. Click on either the following link or the widget image to go to the Amazon page of The Men’s Hair Book (you can preview the first chapter by clicking on the book’s cover):

Buy The Men’s Hair Book
Must I say that I learnt a lot about the publishing world with my first book, The Curly Hair Book, and I’ve kept learning throughout the experience of my second book, The Men’s Hair Book. I’ve done it all myself, no fancy ghostwriting, no fancy editors or people to do the writing/editing work for me; all I’ve used is pen, paper, my laptop and this view to get The Men’s Hair Book done and dusted.

Setting used to write The Men's Hair Book

So there, I’ve now published my second book and I’m happy to now be able to share it with you all: this second book is part of my hair revolution by which I have taken upon myself to provide each one of you folks with a literary and online resource with which to get your hair rocking no matter what its type or quantity may be. Perhaps just as importantly, my publishing of a second hair book on top of owning this peculiar Manly Curls site quite likely now classifies me as a proper hair nerd; and I’m proud!

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