Curly Hair Men Talk – Traval from Stuttgart, Germany

It’s my pleasure today to bring you some suave guy with equally-suave hair! Traval comes all the way from Stuttgart, has long hair and some cool story to tell us here at Manly Curls. Enjoy!




Stuttgart, Germany

A long haired male with glasses reading a book

Curly hair type

I’m between Type I (front of my head) and Type II (back of my head) when my hair was long at the ends I had Shirley Temple curls and was the envy of all the women I knew =)

Introduce yourself!

Hmm, well I’m in my late 20’s and going to Grad School (Econ Major) which I have mixed feelings about but I worked hard to get into the program so I plan on completing it. Other than that I spend a lot of time traveling and reading… eating is cool though too =)

How do you care for your hair?

Well, my haircare routine has changed a lot in the last few month since I went from having regular long hair to having dreads. I used to do a lot though because I have VERY dry hair, so I had a lot of products that were supposed to help moisturize (most don’t work though). Also, since my hair is so dry I usually only washed it once or twice a week. I have always been a fan of air drying my hair too… your hair doesn’t look as ‘nice’ if you do that but it’s a lot healthier in the long run. Needless to say I also never did things that damaged my hair like coloring it or flat ironing.

A male with long wavy curly hair

Weirdest hair moment?

Hmm, personally my weirdest hair moment would be when I could start wearing my hair in a ponytail for first time, that was just a really cool experience. I would say I now have more weird experiences since I’ve gotten dreads because people always want to touch my hair now, or even smell it. Kinda odd.

Favorite hairstyle or haircut?

Well, honestly there are days were I would just like to buzz my head again just because of the simplicity of the style. But my favorite style for long hair is (what I call the Legolas) which is how the Elf in lord of the rings wore his hair. Basically you put just the top half of your hair in a ponytail and let the rest hang loose.

A male with long wavy hair at a bar with a female

One tip for a better lifestyle

Stop caring what others think.

Favorite place you have been to:

Hmm I love both NYC and LA. Havana is awesome too but depressing in it’s own way. Strasbourg is ADORABLE!

You have just built a time machine, what time period in history are you visiting?

Hmm I don’t know if I’d want to go to far back in time, the idea of racial and sexual discrimination and bad working conditions that people used to have to face don’t seem to entice me too much… I guess if I was just going for a day to see it, maybe ancient Egypt or ancient Greece… Although a shopping spree in the 80’s would be cool too =)

Casual or formal wear?

Now that I have dreads I prefer dressing up a bit, just because it confuses people to see a man with dreads in a suit!

For your shaving, razors or clippers?

I hate to shave!

One celebrity with a mane you are inspired by:

Farrah Fawcett hahaha

A male with long deadlocks

One celebrity you’d go dining with:

I actually am not a very star struck person and don’t find celebrities all that interesting, nor do I really know most of their names, to me they are just people – overpaid people – overpaid people with ego issues. I guess Dolly Parton – I always enjoyed her music

One celebrity you’d punch in the face:

Pretty much any of those reality show people

Chuck Norris vs Batman. Who wins?

I like Catewoman =)

Gym or outdoors exercising?

Well, I hate to exercise, and honestly only do it because I am a tad bit vain about my appearance – I guess gym because everything you need is conveniently placed.

One song for an enjoyable evening:

Gotta Keep your head up – forgot the artist (told you I was bad with celebrity names)

Manly Curls is…

Hmm well from the few interactions we’ve had seems like a pretty chill guy, seems pretty cool he’s taking his life under control – and also trying to motivate others to do same – I can respect that!

Final words?

Whatever happened to the Energizer bunny?

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  1. Alfredo
    July 23, 2014 at 5:01 pm

    This guy has great style and is smart and funny too.

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