The Men’s Hair Forum: The Online Community For, well, Your Hair!

The Men’s Hair Forum is the new online community for men and all about their hair and grooming, including hairstyles, haircuts and celebrity hair. This is the announcement of The Men’s Hair Forum at Manly Curls.

The Men’s Hair Forum: The Online Community For, well, Your Hair!

If there’s something I have learnt over the years, it’d be that passionate people like to meet other passionate people. For example, I’m a sucker for Olympic weightlifting, really, I am. I don’t like “gym training”, I don’t like “bro curls”, I dislike Mickey Mouse personal trainers, and I generally dislike the whole gym culture of taking steroids to look super cute and walk around in Speedos so people can admire your hamstring striations. When I tell people I have competed in Olympic weightlifting, lifted over 140 kilograms (310+ lbs) from the floor over my head and hit so many snatches that I could call myself the Snatchmaster 2013, these same people tell me “oh, I’ve seen you guys in my Fitness First, the ones wearing their caps back, wearing gloves and pumping your biceps, right? You folks sound scary…”.

Then, the rage takes over me.

Picture of a goat used for a meme in an announcement

Add some long coiled locks to the above goat and that’s me right there

It doesn’t help that your local Fitness First personal trainer claims to know how to do power cleans (keyword being “claims”, they don’t and will never know) and that Olympic weightlifting gets a single slot in the news every 4 years, most times depicting the latest obese superheavy weightlifter hoisting some massive weights. Your average Joe knows as much about Olympic weightlifting as I know about Lady Gaga’s biography, so it is quite normal that people think that “bicep curls” or “bro-ic bench presses” can even begin to compare to a Clean & Jerk, or that the shiny-smiled personal trainer who is charging you $100 an hour can teach you to become “explosive” and “powerful” like “those guys in the Olympics”.

Your typical personal trainer pretending to do the Clean and Press


An actual Olympic weightlifter doing a Clean & Press, Front Squat and all sort of awesome real-training stuff

Man, I’m digressing so much I’ve lost track of what I was talking about in the first place.

Oh yes. Ok, back on track.

I love Olympic weightlifting and I could spend hours talking about it with others who are also as passionate about the sport as I am, and I have spent throughout my travels quite a lot of time talking to lots of people from different countries about the beautiful and noble sport that Olympic weightlifting is.

So, leading from the above ramblings, I have some good news to make.

Now, this blog is haircentric (as I call it), which means that “hair” is central to the topic of this blog; I’m also passionate about hair, in my manly ways, and I will always support any movements to advance our cause of awesome manes and having cool hair without having to resort to watching repeat episodes of Sex in the City. Thus, fellow readers, I bring you:




The Men’s Hair Forum is the place to be to talk all about, well, men’s hair. From cool hairstyles to how to get X and Y haircut to how to get the awesome locks of Adrian Grenier et al, The Men’s Hair Forum is a pioneering online community where you can talk about hair while having a good time, sipping some beer and just relating to others so as to improve your hair and grooming. The concept is pretty simple (and pretty cool, if you ask me), and The Men’s Hair Forum is to be the leading online community for all about men, their hair and their grooming. The community has only been up for, I think it is, 4 days and there’s quite a lot of movement already, with lots of threads, questions, comments, replies and all that which makes a wholesome online community.

The team at The Men’s Hair Forum is made up of some cool cats themselves, so, really, you could not be in a better online community for your hair and grooming. What’s more is that I’m there too, so, if yours truly is there, you know it must be some cool, awesome, great, uber-trendy place; pretty much the same adjectives that describe me (high five, anyone? anyone?…). In all seriousness now, it’s a great place, and the concept and idea is fantastic, so I highly support it and believe it will be of benefit to you and the rest of Manly Curls readers.

You’re all invited to The Men’s Hair Forum and to join the community. The forum is still very new, so the team is always keen to hear feedback; I’ve already asked them to give me the same status as an online Fidel Castro, but they politely told me to “get lost”. But still, the forum is a great idea and I’m happy to be there and continue to spread the awesome-mane word; in fact, the team and I agree that The Men’s Hair Forum is the vehicle for our Manly Curls revolution of awesome manes and cool dudes with equally-cool hair. This revolution that I’m leading, and that you’re all part of, was initially started here at Manly Curls, was then spread with my 2 bestselling books and is now being hosted both at Manly Curls and The Men’s Hair Forum.  You could say the motto of our revolution is: “no man online should be left with bad-looking hair”.

Joining the community is free, fast and welcoming. So head to The Men’s Hair Forum now, register and start interacting fellow cool cats. New forum categories will be created in these coming days, and this online community is going to kick some derrieres, my true cool-cat comrades.

I shall see you there, gentlemen.

All the best.


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Rogelio is the go-to guy when it comes to men's hair. Having embraced his natural curly hair for over a decade while living in 5 countries, Rogelio has learnt a thing or two along the way. Rogelio is the author of the two bestselling men's books "The Curly Hair Book" and "The Men's Hair Book", and his motto when it comes to hair is, "Gentlemen, having a good head of hair should not cost us our testosterone".

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