Frizzy Curly Hair in Freezing Cold Russia

Curly hair during winter can become frizzy and dry if it isn’t looked after optimally. Rogelio answers a question on frizzy curly hair and exposure to extreme cold temperatures from a Russian Manly Curls reader!

Frizzy Curly Hair in the Freezing Cold Temperatures of Russia

Hi, Rogelio! I have the very same hair like yours, maybe little bit longer. I have terrible problems with comb/detangling my hair. When you do it? I mean, if you go shower every morning and have a little time. Cause i need a looooong time to comb it when it wet. I use that creepy wide toothed comb, but it still a challenge to remove all tangles.

I live in Russia, so winter is really cold there. If I will wet my hair in morning, when i came to work I will have an ice on head :) So I can wet it only evening before sleep. But in morning it looks quite brutal.

Now I wash hair twice at week, with conditioner of course, and comb it only when it wet, when wash it. I don’t use any blow dry, only squeeze water from it and then cover head with towel for 10-15 minutes. So it dry all night, but even if i do it at morning and don’t go to street, when it dry I have ringlets, but also i frizzy layer, that looks don’t really cool. It difficult to say, I can send some photos

Pavel (Russia)

Hi Pavel,

Thanks for passing by.

I love Russia, except for the cold. Now, for those of you fellow American Manly Curls readers, if you think you know what cold is, then you’ve yet to experience Russia. Our fellow curly brethren in Russia have to periodically put up with the harshest of winters on the planet, and I have been up there in the late Autumn and I can 100% say that you have to have some big gonads to go out on the street with nothing more than a jacket and your ushanka in the midst of a Russian winter. And I’m one body furnace myself and usually like to strut around in the cold with the top buttons of my shirts unbuttoned showing my manly chest with my manly (curly) chest hair; but these Russians are something else!

An ushanka hat used to cover the hair and avoid frizzy curls

“Ushanka” is not the name of a long-legged Russian fly honey but the name of a Soviet-era hat

Now, following from the above, I can totally relate to you Pavel for not wanting to wet your hair in the morning because a) Your hair turns into ice b) Any drops of water running down your neck from the dripping hair will feel like blade knives pricking your skin; I first experienced the latter when I decided it’d be a good idea to go out in Vilnius (Lithuania, west of Russia) wearing my long curly hair loose and damp on a freaking-cold December evening. Pavel, I know your feels.

Unfortunately, if you have curly hair like mine (as in, have my curly hair type i.e. Type III), wetting your hair upon waking up and before venturing out of your house is pretty much a must. Moisture is imperative to avoid frizzy curly hair, which is something I repeat like 9,658 times in my first book, The Curly Hair Book, and the curlier your hair is, the higher your emphasis should be in keeping your curly mane with optimal levels of moisture. The big issue here is that, as you sleep and your hair rubs against the pillow during the 6 or so hours of your sleep, your curly hair loses any gained moisture from having wet it in the first place the night before. Ergo, you wake up with a dry, tangled pile of hay-like hair that, from the distance, looks like you have a deceased iguana resting atop your head; or, as I officially coined it in The Curly Hair Book, a “dead rat”.

And, guess what, you know what gets your curly dead-rat hair back on awesome shape in the morning? Yes, you’ve guessed it right: water!

From the information you have provided, I can provide you 2 scenarios that will yield optimal (and improved) cosmetic results: one scenario where you continue to wet your hair at night and another scenario where you actually wet your hair first thing in the morning. Let’s kick it.

How to deal with the freezing cold of Russia for frizz free curly hair

Nighttime scenario

  • After finishing showering, dry your hair but only use a cotton T-shirt, not a conventional towel. You can use any old cotton T-shirt, including any saying “I heart Pokemons” (come on, all of us current males in our twenties have at least a dozen of these, don’t deny it).
  • You should dry your hair to a damp state, not a fully-dried state. Dry the hair with the T-shirt by tapping and caressing the curls, don’t rub the curls vigorously.
  • Now coat your curly hair in conditioner; don’t make your curls too greasy, just have enough conditioner that you know it is coating your curly locks with a thin layer (of conditioner).
  • Put on a sleeping cap. I know you possibly don’t want to hear this, but a sleeping cap is your best bet when attempting to have luscious curls and not frizzy curls. If using a sleeping cap hurts your ego too much, you can then alternatively use a dorag.
  • If you really don’t want to wear anything on your hair, then at least tie your hair into a bun, ideally a Samurai hairstyle bun or even have the bun resting on the middle of the top of your head. Do NOT sleep with your long curly hair loose.
  • Next morning when you wake up, get your curls loose and spray some water to your curls. Simply use a spray bottle filled with water. Don’t get your hair damp, some minor spraying will do (i.e. as if you were water spraying a plant).
  • Bang! You’re done.

Products to get:

Picture for a question on frizzy curly hair and preventing it

Back in my days, the rumor was that Pikachu got all his energy from 72-hour-long molly binges

Daytime scenario

  • Wake up and go through your morning-showering ordeal.
  • Dry the hair; again, use a cotton T-shirt and only dry the curls to a damp state.
  • Coat the hair with a heat-protecting product.
  • Blow dry your hair with a diffuser. It is very important to use a diffuser; click this link if you want to know how to blow-dry hair.
  • Right after finishing blow-drying your curly hair, coat your curls with either a leave-in conditioner or a little extra-virgin olive oil.
  • Tie your hair into a bun and put on a dorag so that your tied hair is inside the dorag.
  • Done. When you get to work or school, untie the hair carefully: you will get some your luscious curls (like mine, or something like that).

Products to get:

Because blow-drying your hair day in and day out can be taxing on the hair, make sure to read my article on how to use a hair dryer and ensure that you use a heat-protecting product prior to blow-drying the hair. Ideally, wear a dorag when out on the street, or, if not, an ushanka, but make sure none of your locks are loose (i.e. out of the dorag/ushanka) and exposed to the cold.

Fight the frizz!

Any of the above curly hair care regimes will have you noticing rapid improvements in the aesthetics of your hair. About the combing of the hair you mention in your question; don’t sweat it, just run the wide-tooth comb through the hair by grabbing several curly locks at a time, extending them so they’re flattened and then running the wide-tooth comb from the scalp to the tips. If you’re taking more than 10 minutes to do this procedure, then I seriously recommend you to get my first book, The Curly Hair Book, as I go through the templates to building your own customised (daily) hair grooming routine, including putting everything into synchronised convenient stages that last mere minutes.

That’s it buddy. Absolutely feel free to keep me updated and, if you (or any other readers) have got any more related questions, then let them know below in the comments section.

All the best


P.S: while Pavel possibly can get some pretty diesel ushankas locally, you can also get some good ones online. Check this ushanka on Amazon and also this other one on Amazon too. Theme parties will never be the same!

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1 comment for “Frizzy Curly Hair in Freezing Cold Russia

  1. Pavel
    October 13, 2013 at 7:30 pm

    Thank you Rogelio, It’s became much easier to detangle hair when i came to concept everyday wetting hair. After your book i improve quality of my hair, but still have some questions. I accept nighttime scenario, but use leave-in coniditioner (in spray). Is this not bad for hair to leave on it usual conditioner instead of leave-in?

    After reading your book i buy some styling cream. Is this better to use it before bed when hair is truly damp, or in morning, when water spray does not make hair fully damp? Or it’s unnecessary?

    And last one maybe not a question) I tried to sleep with bun or ponytail (i have beyound shoulder length Type II or III curls), but this really deform my hair. I mean when i loose it in morning it still have form of tail, more straighten near to head and curly ends, and some mess where was hair elastic. But i think it’s not a big problem, cause very calmly with loose hair.

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