Neymar’s Hair in Lots of Hairstyles for Commercial

Neymar is known for his hairstyles and, in the latest Volkswagen commercial, Neymar tries a whole range of hairstyles both cool and epic. Watch the video of Neymar for the Volkswagen commercial and comment on your favourite hairstyle of his!

Neymar tries lots of hairstyles for the latest Volkswagen commercial

Neymar Da Silva Dos Santos Junior (born 5 February 1992, aka Neymar) is all over the news due to his recent signing to Spanish soccer team FC Barcelona. Neymar is a very skilled soccer player who has still to prove himself in Europe, and one of the things Neymar is already known for is his wide range of hairstyles sported on and off the field. Neymar has sported several hairstyles such as a Faux Hawk, side fringes, bangs and several military haircuts, and Neymar is also very fond of straightening his hair (like Cristiano Ronaldo) and loves to dye his hair all colours of the rainbow. Truly an epic character himself.

Neymar wearing long dreadlocks for hair for a television commercial.

Must be said that Neymar is thus a walking marketing magnet and will get people to buy just about anything. Neymar is endorsed by a massive range of companies, some even competing with each other (which makes you question Neymar’s loyalty to any one brand) and it was only a matter of time before a company took Neymar’s hair and made an ad or commercial from it. Some of the companies endorsing Neymar include Panasonic, Red Bull, Ambev, Claro, Unilever, Santander and Volkswagen, the latter company taking it upon themselves to benefit from Neymar’s love for eccentric hairstyles.

Neymar with a mop top hairstyle

Now, at Manly Curls we dig Neymar’s hairstyles; he’s a cool cat in our opinion (albeit a tad flashy) and I already forecasted some months ago that Europe would be taken by Neymar’s range of hairstyles, from Mohawks to Metro Mullet styles. For starters, just this week Neymar changed his style to a classic fringe hairstyle upon signing to FC Barcelona and I am already hearing of kids in Southern Europe rushing to emulate his eccentric hairstyles.

Neymar's hair with a curly wig for a car commercial

Because at Manly Curls we ain’t only a super-cool place to learn about hairstyles and ways to manage your curly beast, I also want to keep you updated on the latest of men’s hairstyles so you can go out on weekends and impress da ladiez on the club with your yet-to-be-popular Metro Mullet with a Faux Hawk on the top and blonde highlights all around (pro tip: highlights are so passe, not trending in 2013, kiddo!). Ergo, I want to show you the very-recent Volkswagen ad campaign featuring Neymar trying on all sort of hairstyles to depict some kind of message in the commercial I’ve yet to decipher (don’t you love it when flimsy marketing gurus make all sorts of flashy ads that lose their actual message in the process?). And I can more or less understand Portuguese, but, still, I don’t really get the commercial.

Anyway, here’s the Volkswagen commercial with Neymar trying a range of crazy hairstyles (Update: Volkswagen took down the video and it’s nowhere to be seen).

The men’s hairstyles that Neymar tries in the Volkswagen commercial are:

  • Mop top hairstyle
  • Deadlocks
  • Quiff hairstyle
  • Side fringe hairstyle, EMO variant
  • Shaggy hairstyle (layered)
  • Curly Hanging locks (layered)
  • Brush up hairstyle
  • Classic haircut with front bangs

The above-listed hairstyles are also in chronological order (i.e. in the order they appear in the Volkswagen commercial). Knowing Neymar, I would not be surprised if he went loco again and changed his current College Cut with front bangs and turned up to his next match with his hair dyed yellow and green in honour of the Brazilian flag.

Anyway, I’ll be staying tuned to Neymar’s future hairstyles and will be reporting any craziness of his. And while we are at it, what’s your favorite Neymar hairstyle from the Volkswagen commercial? Let it know below in the Comments section!

All the best


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