North Korea President: Kim Jong-Un Hairstyle

Kim Jong-Un, president of North Korea; we could say “he da man” with that hairstyle of his, don’t you think? Turns out his hairstyle is now trending in North Korea, so I would like to gracefully present to you Kim Jong-Un, he’s not only the country’s ruler but he’s also the David Beckham of North Korea (that’s what they told me, but I think it’s propaganda):

Kim Jong Un smiling to the camera with an undercut hairstyle

He happy…

I was reading about our friend Kim Jong-Un and apparently the man cuts his hair alone. As it goes,¬†Kim Jong-Un is scared of barbers and simply cuts his hair in his presidential bathroom with much frequency to the point that his hairstyle has become a hit in North Korea itself. The Kim Jong-Un hairstyle has been dubbed the “ambition hairstyle” in North Korea (no LOLZ, serious story bro), and the men of the country with the most-homogenous population have started to emulate the hairstyle of their idol Kim Jong-Un.

But wait; perhaps we could ask ourselves what is the actual hairstyle slash haircut of Kim Jong-Un. I asked this myself, and, upon seeing a couple of pictures of Kim Jong-Un, it became clear: Kim Jong-Un has an undercut and slicks the hair back or parts it in the middle (with some pomade made in North Korea, supposedly). And he sometimes fades the sides too for an old-school 1980s-inspired high fade cut; the guy is definitively a hairstyling star, am’ agree fellas?

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Kim Jong-Un in the camera with his fade haircut

Tight fade you have there, but y u so sad?

As you guys know from my previous military haircuts guide, the Undercut is a military haircut and is actually very easy to do: grab a hair clipper and buzz the sides and back of your head with the same guard length. There.

While I doubt that Kim trims and buzzes his hair with a “made in North Korea” hair clipper, he surely will be using some of the best clippers available to buzz his lustrous mane as buzzing and cutting your own hair can be a pain in the derriere if not using a high-quality clipper. Ironically, the best hair clippers for men are manufactured in the United States (like this awesome cordless clipper from Andis), yet I have no doubts whatsoever that our featured friend is using an American-made clipper since all self-haircut aficionados know of the importance of owning a sturdy and premium clipper with a powerful rotary motor (like the Andis one in the aforementioned link).

Kim Jon Un saluting the crowd with a new haircut

Kim Jong Un on top of a horse

Kim Jong Un in a debate

He got da solutions to all the world problems inside dat thing he is holding

So folks, just be aware that Kim Jong-Un does indeed keep an eye on Western trends and he got himself the now-trending Undercut and Hi Fade as if he were a Skrillex-listening San Francisco hipster.

Bravo, Kim Jong-Un. Bravo.

Best to all


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1 comment for “North Korea President: Kim Jong-Un Hairstyle

  1. Ben Nielsen
    January 21, 2017 at 12:43 pm

    LOL he does have a goofy haircut doesn’t he? I think his style actually compliments his ever-widening girth, thanks to his apparent love for cheese.
    I wonder if he is afraid that one of his barbers will “accidentally” cut him while getting his hair clipped? If that actually happened, I’m sure they would receive the anti-aircraft gun death sentence.

    Love the website. Cheers.

    Ben — Currently trying to rock the 1950’s Elvis/James Dean pompadour greaser-rockabilly hairstyle (it’s harder than it looks).

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