Carlos Valderrama and his New Pink Curly Hair

Carlos Valderrama’s new pink hair

Carlos Valderrama has curly pink hair; the man with the biggest blonde curly afro in Colombia and possibly in the world has decided to dye his hair pink. But, did Carlos Valderrama dye his hair pink for the LOLz and because “he’s worth it”? Nope, Carlos Valderrama dyed his hair for an actual worthy cause.

A meme of the drunk guy emulating Carlos Valderrama

Carlos Valderrama, know as El Pibe (the kid), is a well-known celebrity in Colombia who entertained the soccer world in the ’90s with his flamboyant soccer techniques on the field as his massive Afro hairstyle dangled on top of his head with every step he took; a proper curly haired bossman, I tell you. Ergo, Carlos Valderrama, now retired at the age of 52 and living the good life, has decided to use his celebrity status to increase the awareness of breast cancer in Colombia and worldwide too! (i.e., you now know who he is!). Here’s Carlos Valderrama in all his glory with his new pink curly Afro hair:

Carlos Valderrama with his pink curly hair

And here is Carlos Valderrama with his iconic blonde curly hair and his semi shaggy/Afro hairstyle:

Carlos Valderrama playing a soccer match with his blonde big Afro hairstyle


About Carlos Valderrama, not just his new hair

Those who follow Manly Curls and stay updated with our new content will be aware that I already covered Carlos Valderrama in another article (what, y u no subscribe 4 updates?). I actually grew in my childhood watching him play soccer (“football”, for my fellow Euro readers) for some time; Carlos Valderrama was an epic dude with a tremendous skill with the ball and an ability to pass the ball like few players in the world could and can. This is what Wikipedia has to say about Valderrama:

Valderrama was an elegant player on the ball, in the most unconventional way possible…

It’s difficult to explain in words without necessarily drifting into a subjective persuasive argument, but Valderrama’s ability of consistently holding the ball even when two to three opponents tried to take the ball away from him, was indeed described as “mesmeric” many times, particularly by English commentators who were not used to watching such an unusual player.

Carlos Valderrama was one epic player, no one had any doubts about that!

Carlos Valderrama with his blonde curly haur

I don’t think the pink does him any good; perhaps go back to the usual blonde?

Carlos Valderrama with his pink curly hair

It turns out that a beauty-care company is doing a campaign to raise awareness for breast cancer in Colombia so some celebrities are dyeing their hair pink; they convinced Carlos Valderrama to dye his hair, and then went on a breast-cancer walk wearing pink t-shirts. By the way, you can learn more about this breast-cancer awareness campaign here.

At Manly Curls, we’re cool cats who appreciate the art of gentlemanship, and anyone who supports the battle against cancer is, in our Manly Curls handbook, a true gentleman.

Carlos Valderrama, eres un fenomeno (you’re a cool cat)!

Best to all,


P.S: below is a video of Carlos Valderrama playing soccer; you gonna love it. But before watching the video, don’t forget to join our revolution of cool cays with equally-cool hair and like us on Facebook!

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