Men’s Hair Products Guide: Hair Clippers, Hair Dryers and Others

This is a men’s hair products guide covering hair clippers, hair dryers, hair straighteners, men’s combs, hair accessories and reading material for men interested in making the most of their hair. An epic guide that you just have to read!

A full guide on hair clippers, hair dryers, hair straighteners and other hairstyling tools for men

Hair clippers, hair dryers, hair straighteners and all the rest, do you know how to use them? Or you think these hair products are reserved for women only? Regardless of what you may think, the fact is that hairstyling tools such as the aforementioned and the rest of them that I’ll be covering in this guide will give you a luscious-locks edge that every male of any background or age can benefit from.

Because I’m pioneering this revolution of ours to get all men online and offline with awesome head-turning manes, I’m very motivated to be currently publishing here at Manly Curls a full men’s hair products guide that features all the available hair products for men, and, because there are too many men’s hair products around to be covering in one single article, I’m publishing the different men’s hair products in groups and in different articles. Today, I’m covering the hairstyling tools available for us guys.

A hair clipper for menFact: owning a hair clipper will save you money down the line

But, you may ask, what are these men’s hairstyling tools available that you keep on talking about Rogelio? Well, considering that I always give advice with a convenience angle factored in, here is the list that I have created categorizing the hairstyling tools for men in types:

Note: this men’s hairstyling guide is a long epic guide, so each of the 6 hairstyling tools in the list above are hyperlinked so that you can click a link and go to the exact section in this men’s guide where I cover the particular hairstyling tool you’ve clicked above. Don’t say I don’t look after your reading convenience!

Right, back on track.

Sure, you will find in my book, The Men’s Hair Book, a fully-detailed guide on the above hairstyling products and the rest of men’s hair products, but it is my belief that publishing a good men’s hair products guide freely available to anyone will benefit you and the rest of men searching for advice on hair that isn’t the same regurgitated crap or spammy crap that floods the hair-care field and that makes as much sense as me reciting the Japanese Kanji backwards ( 私のブログへようこそ !).

So, after having introduced above the men’s hairstyling tools for men, we are now going to go through each one of them in detail; I have also provided an Amazon’s recommended-product link for each hairstyling tool, with this link taking you to the recommended hairstyling tool on Amazon and which can be conveniently purchased at the most competitive price you will find both online and offline. A double winner, gentlemen.

Hair clippers for men

A hair clipper allow for the buzzing of the hair very short. Typically, a hair clipper will allow for the buzzing (i.e. clipping) of the hair from a near-shaved length all the way up to half an inch, sometimes a bit more. Hair clippers are awesome hairstyling tools to buzz your head in all different buzz-cut forms such as in an Undercut or in any of the 5 types of fade haircuts.

Hair clippers have been with us men for almost 2 centuries, and initially hair clippers were used during wars to rapidly cut the hair of the male soldiers so as to have the soldiers keeping their hair tidy and ensure that their hair would not become a hazard during battle; hair clippers began their military use during the American Civil War, with the hair clippers being manual and used to keep the locks of the men neat enough for slicked back hairstyles, while these days hair clippers are robust electric machines used in the military to buzz the hair to a near shaved length.

An old hair clipper…

An old hair clipper used during the Civil War

Luckily these days we get to enjoy the new technologies applied to men’s hairstyling tools…

A high quality hair clipper for menAs a male, having a hair clipper at home will go a long way in opening a new door of hairstyles to you. Furthermore, being able to buzz your hair will also save you plenty of money by reducing your number of barbershop visits as mastering the use of the hair clipper is easy and as convenient as it gets. You absolutely cannot go wrong with owning your own high-quality hair clipper even though the prices running for a high-quality hair clipper are in the 00s. Cheap hair clippers will break very fast and will overheat every time you use them and many times will overheat halfway through the haircut, so a high quality hair clipper is truly worth the investment.

Hair dryers for men

Hair dryers (aka blow dryers) are useful hairstyling tools to dry your hair faster, achieve more defined and faster hairstyles and to also give some big volume to your hair any day of the week, whenever you want. Hair dryers should not be used daily; the maximum frequency of use for hair dryers is every other day (i.e. a 1 on/1 off frequency as I refer to it in both my men’s hair books). To use a hair dryer, simply point it towards your hair as you work with your fingers or a comb/brush through sections of your hair and make sure sure you always blow dry your locks after having manually dried the hair with any of the techniques I describe in The Men’s Hair Book.

A hair dryer for menThis hair dryer had the engine designed by Ferrari! (you will find the link to its Amazon page below)

You can use a hair dryer with any hairstyling product you want, and you should also buy a diffuser with the hair dryer (if available) as the diffuser helps spread out (i.e. diffuse) the hot air from the hair dryer, which then helps to avoid burning or damaging your hair. Sometimes, a hair dryer will include a diffuser already in the package, but diffusers are usually purchased as an accessory to the hair dryer.

Generally, a hair dryer will be one of the most-expensive items in your shopping basket, but this is because, with hair dryers, price tends to reflect the quality of the hair dryer just as it too does for hair clippers and hair straighteners. A high-quality hair dryer as you will find below is one that will give you results and last you much longer than any cheap or regular/generic hair dryer.

Hair straighteners for men

Hair straighteners (also known as flat irons or simply hair irons) allow for the straightening of your hair in a convenient manner. Hair straighteners work by delivering heat to the hair strands so as to alter the hair strands’ structure and allowing for any curly hair type to be fully straightened.

The straightening effect of hair straighteners is temporary; once you wet your hair again, the hair will go back to your natural hair shape and type. Thus, hair straighteners are excellent tools to totally change your image whenever you feel like it! Hair straighteners are not only great for straightening hair but also for creating layers with the hair, even if you have naturally-straight hair; hair straighteners do really open a new door of hairstyles for a male.

A men's hair straightenerNo this isn’t a crocodile cyborg; it’s a hair straightener and a pretty good one too (it’s the first one under the recommended ones below)

Hair straighteners suit all hair types and hair lengths although hair straighteners work their best on medium to long-length hair (i.e. hair that is longer than 2 inches in length). Hair straighteners are categorized by the width of their heating plates, with this width ranging from 1 inch to 2 inches; 1-inch hair straighteners work best for short to medium-length hair (hair being anywhere from 1.5 inches to 6 inches long) whereas the wider hair straighteners (i.e. heating plates being wider than 1 inch) work best for men’s hair longer than 6 inches.

You should apply a heat-protecting product (aka heat protectant) to your hair prior to using a hair straightener so as to minimize any damage to the hair inflicted by the high heat of the hair straightener.

Combs for men

I kid you not, even men’s combs can be classified for convenience and ease of purchase. Here are the 4 types of combs for men:

  • Regular comb
  • Hair brush
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Hair pick

Regular combs for men

Regular combs are a must-have for men with straight hair who seek the sweeping and shaping of their hair into different hairstyles. Regular combs should only be used by men with straight hair; men with curly hair (including wavy hair) should instead use a wide-tooth comb for the styling of their hair.

Hair brushes for men

Hair brushes are only for straight hair. In general terms, a hair brush will do the same as a regular comb with the only add-on of the hair brush being helpful when styling your hair with a hair dryer to give more volume to your hair.

Wide-tooth combs for men

Wide-tooth combs have wide gaps between the comb’s teeth, which allows for the effective combing of all the types of curly hair (i.e. from Type I aka wavy hair to Type V aka kinky hair). Wide-tooth combs also serve for detangling any matted or knotted curly locks you may have.

Hair picks for men

A hair pick is a great hairstyling tool for Type V curly hair as it allow for the retouching of the kinks (most notably in the Afro hairstyle). A hair pick also helps tremendously in detangling kinky hair. Lastly, a hair pick can be used to lift your hair up if styling your hair with lots of volume and using a hair dryer; ergo, a hair pick will be very useful when wanting lots of volume for your hair and using the hair pick instead of the hair brush (remember, hair brushes are a big NO-NO for curly hair and brushing your curly hair will lead to havoc!).

Hair accessories for men

Just like the available combs for men above, hair accessories can also classified in types. Here they are:

  • Hair elastics aka scrunchies
  • Headbands
  • Dorags and bandanas
  • Sleeping caps (yes, sleeping caps!)

Hair elastics for men

Hair elastics (aka scrunchies) are useful for tying medium-length to long-length hair. Always make sure you buy hair elastics that don’t have metallic bits in them (like the ones in the link below)


Headbands are designed to be wrapped around the hair and pull the hair back so that it doesn’t interfere with one’s eyesight. Headbands are great as a hairstyling accessory for medium to long hair.

Dorags and bandanas for men

Dorags are caps that are fitted around the head so as to protect the hair and/or to enhance one’s personal style. Bandanas are pretty much the same as dorags only that bandanas usually come as an unfolded cloth which is then folded prior to fitting it on the head.

Dorags are especially useful for men with curly hair who intend to either grow their hair or protect their curls further when the hair is not put into a specific hairstyle.

  • Grab this dorag (you can choose the color and type too to resemble a bandana)

Sleeping caps

Sleeping caps are fitted around the head when going to sleep so as to protect the hair from the constant friction of the head rubbing against the pillow.

A good material for a sleeping cap is silk as silk greatly reduces head friction. And yes, I know they look funny, but a sleeping cap will save your locks and make them more awesome, especially if you have curly hair. Just warn your lady or the babe you’re dating ahead of time, although do not use a sleeping cap for just one-night stands!

Hair books for men

I have included books as part of the hairstyling-tools spectrum simply because the right hair-care book will be a much precious asset and tool for your hair. Having written 2 bestselling books on men’s hair, I have had plenty of positive feedback on the results my books have delivered and I have lost count of the emails I’ve received thanking me for taking the time to write 2 books that fully cover everything to do with one’s own male hair.

It goes without saying that I highly recommend my books if only because, if you like Manly Curls, you will love my books. I have ensured to cover in great depth everything you can find on Manly Curls and so much more related to men’s hairstyles, haircuts, hair care, hair grooming, hair inspiration and motivation, hair-myth debunking and so much stuff that I’d rather you just visit the books’ pages at Amazon, read the books’ full descriptions and even read the first chapter as I have allowed such reading of my books to give you the possibility to make your purchasing decision as informed as you want it to be. Here are my books as per their full titles:

  • The Curly Hair Book: Or How Men Can Now Rock Their Waves, Coils And Kinks: this is my book focusing exclusively on curly hair, from wavy hair all the way to afro-textured hair. I also provide you with plenty of motivation and inspiration as quite likely, if you have curly hair, you will not be very fond of it. In this book, I teach you how to not only make the most of your waves, coils or kinks but I also teach you how to make your curls an asset that will forever enhance your life.
  • The Men’s Hair Book: A Male’s Guide To Hair Care, Hair Styles, Hair Grooming, Hair Products and Rocking It All Without The Baloney: essentially, this second book of mine is what it says in the title. If you are a frequent reader of mine, you will know I talk things without fluffing them or bullsh*ing them; ergo, this over-250-pages-long book is the ultimate guide, blueprint, manual and, if you want to see it that way, bible for everything you need to know about your hair as a male. In this book, I cover all the hair types, not just curly hair, in extreme detail, and I deem this book as a must-have for any male remotely interested in his hair or the hair of his sons.

Hairstyling products for men: Conclusion

Well, that’s this guide on men’s hairstyling tools done. Make sure you check my other men’s hair products guides as I have several already covering the rest of men’s hair products and I still have a couple more guides to publish.

As I’ve written earlier, you should definitively consider the above hairstyling tools for men if you are interested in maximizing your hair and therefore your personal image; I have seen some true personal-image miracles on dudes who have gotten back to me after reading my books and thanking me for their transformation, so I can only finish this particular men’s hair product guide by telling you to take action, whatever action you may think is appropriate for your overall well-being.

Any questions or input, feel free to let me know.

All the best, gentlemen.


Last updated: 8th October 2018

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  1. Andrej
    September 2, 2014 at 6:52 pm

    Greetings, I would like to ask if it is OK to sleep in a braid or is it bad for my curly hair. I have coiled hair. Thanks for advices. :)

    • Rogelio
      September 3, 2014 at 4:57 pm

      Hi Andrej,

      If you are talking about a single braid (a plait), that’s actually a great protective style for bed time. Usually, at bed time, it’s when your hair mats and tangles from head friction against the pillow, so, if you have long hair, make sure to not go to bed with loose hair and instead tie your mane in either a single (or several) braids or a hair bun (the latter preferably placed high on the head). You can also wear a sleeping cap to protect your curls; no shame in wearing one as a guy!



      • Andrej
        September 3, 2014 at 7:24 pm

        Thank you very much again Rogelio, your advices always make my day better. :)

  2. Marek
    November 5, 2013 at 3:35 pm

    I heard that i can get bald in young age if I use straighteners often … does it affect hair loss at all or is it just myth? Thanks!

    • Rogelio
      November 5, 2013 at 7:01 pm

      Hi Marek,

      Don’t worry about that myth; you won’t be going bald from straightening your hair. I suppose this myth comes from a strong hair straightening chemical known as a relaxer that some women use and that, when used wrong, can burn the scalp so severe that the hair falls off. However, we are not talking of relaxers here but of hair straighteners instead, and you have nothing to worry about in terms of balding from straightening your hair as per my guide (i.e. with any of the recommended hair straighteners); do coat your hair with the heat protecting product I recommend in this guide though so as to ensure you don’t damage your hair.


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